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Okay folks, you are absolutely unprepared for what’s to come, so take a deep breath because shit is gonna get REAL.

Now then… do this mental exercise with me… imagine that your best friend calls you up and randomly invites you on a road trip. And of course you say yes!

And then you find $40000 worth of heroin.

I’m not going give anything else away because ALL of this is edge-of-your-seat reading.

It all started with a random phone call from a friend.

They make the necessary arrangements and away they go!

And, yanno, they buy a van to make the trip more comfortable…

Next, they stopped in Santa Barbara.

It was all going great!

But Shane had an idea: “What if I make some modifications to the van?”

Aside from some strange shit going on with the engine, everything else was going smoothly…

They camped at Mt. Shasta and enjoyed the view.

Eventually, though, the van need some fixing…

And now, the REAL story begins.

They found an entire BRICK of drugs…

And then somebody unexpected shows up…

They thought they were royally screwed…

Luckily nothing happened even though it was a close call.

So what did they do? Well… maybe some of us would do this, but not many…

Now, this is where everything goes wrong.

Yes, the guy who put the brick in the van came calling…

However, Shane managed to outsmart him.

How many of you would have tried this? I wouldn’t have…

So, he quickly got in touch with the guy he sold the van to and started making arrangements.

Shane keeps going with the scam…

To make everything look more genuine, he added a little twist.

The only thing left was to make a fake heroin brick.

And then… it was showtime!

That’s when Shane realized he had gotten involved with the wrong crowd.

No one suspected anything; the plan worked.

Or did it?

They agreed on $5000.

But, this is where sh*t actually got real.

Yep, Shane got caught.

However, there was some room for doubt.

Though he talked his way out of the mess, it was still not over.

Then Shane found himself in yet another situation.

They were the same guys.

And they finally found out…

It was a life and death situation, so Shane escaped when he got the chance.

He continued to play dumb and actually made it out alive.

As it turns out, they were MS-13 gang members.

So, what did you think about Shane’s story? Would you have done the same?

Oh, you wouldn’t have? ME NEITHER!!!!!