So… what exactly is “cheating” in your book?

Flirting? Texting? Touching?

Each person seems to have their own limits, and some seemingly have NO limits. Which sounds fun in theory, but… is it?

These 10 people share their red lines and you may just be surprised at how far they’ll let their S.O. go…

1. ANY pictures? Or nudes? Come on… need details here…

And… I mean… why wouldn’t nudes be cheating?

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2. Maybe? Guess it is for you?

I mean, if somebody is hiding anything, that’s not a good sign, though…

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3. Is planning to cheat actually cheating?

I guess there’s a “conspiracy” to commit a crime, so somebody can conspire to cheat…

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4. Oh, so sorry you can’t make out with women. Poor baby…

I mean… who is this person? Are you from another planet?

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5. This. Right. Here.

Every. Single. Time.

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6. No it doesn’t. Next.

Because if that’s the bar, then romantic comedies and Hallmark movies count as cheating. #truth

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7. Wait… wut?!

That doesn’t make ANY sense.

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8. Well, does she care if you have one? Probably does!

But if she doesn’t… go for it!

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9. No. That’s incredibly stupid and childish. Break up with whoever is telling you that.

Nobody should be jealous of different sex friends. Not at this point.

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10. Oh… so you’re sharing that with your S.O. are you?

Just holding out hope? Got that side check ALL the way to the side. Puh-leez.

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Yeah, that last one is crazy. “If I don’t think it’s cheating, it’s okay.”

That’s not how it works, honey!

Alright, what do you think? Have any parting thoughts on these?

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