When a friend asks you to be their maid-of-honor, it comes with more than a few expenses and responsibilities, to boot. You’ve got to help them pick a dress, be there for emotional and moral support, plan a bachelorette party and a shower, and offer to drive the getaway car if she changes her mind at the last minute.

You also need to be willing to lift the brides spirit. Make her laugh.

That said, I doubt bride Deanna Adams expected her maid of honor (and sister) Christina Meador to show up in a towering T-Rex costume.

As you can see, the pictures are hilarious and awesome…to all of us.

It’s a good thing that Deanna has a sense of humor, too, telling the Daily Mail,

“My sister is awesome and I genuinely was not kidding when I said she could wear whatever she wanted.”

For her part, Christina is happy with her choice.

“When you’re maid of honor and told you can wear anything you choose…I regret nothing.”

It’s hard to have regrets when thousands of people have seen and liked your brand of humor, I guess, and even more so when you’re standing up with the coolest bride ever.

Would you wear this if you were given the license to wear anything? Or do you think this maid of honor took things a step too far?

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