Did you know that, as part of the U.S. Immigration process for a marriage-based green card, there is an interview process where a USCIS official asks you and your spouse which side of the bed each of you sleeps on?

I bring this up because if Twitter user Steve O’Rourke had ever been in that scenario, he may well have failed that test. The journalist recently put up a tweet revealing that he and his wife didn’t have set sides of the bed, and it had a LOT of people talking.

He got so many responses, that he had to post a follow-up for clarification, revealing that there were apparently some rules to this chaos.

Naturally, people had some feelings about it.

In fact, people had a LOT of feelings about it.

But, it turns out this may not be AS uncommon as we thought…

Then, Steve offered this as a parting shot.

So, what side of the bed do YOU prefer to sleep on?

Or do you live lawlessly like ol’ Steve…