“I had a really great time at the airport” is a sentence so rare and unlikely it could safely be used as some sort of activation code phrase for secret intelligence operations.

Airports are for waiting, suffering, and reconnecting with your love interest at the last minute in romantic comedies, nothing else. It’s a thoroughly unpleasant experience most of the time, and we’ve all gotta work together to make it a little more bearable for each other.

Or we could do the opposite, like the Karen in this story which was posted by user BookwyrmsRN to the subreddit r/PettyRevenge.


Again, what makes it especially heinous is that this is the AIRPORT. A place where all frustration is magnified, personal space is a luxury, and each passenger a sort of desperate nomad in a land of few outlets and criminally overpriced breakfast sandwiches.

This is no place for nonsense!

Chapter 1: The Incident

Chapter 2: A Smug Victory

Chapter 3: Insider Knowledge

Chapter 4: Asserted Dominance

Chapter 5: How the Tables Have Turned


It’s a rare thing to get to enjoy taking your revenge by doing little more than just letting things play out. In the end, nobody’s hurt beyond their pride, and nobody truly wins, because, yanno, you’re all still at an airport.

Have you gotten to enjoy this kind of petty revenge lately?

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