Let me tell you a story. A viral story. A story that has now been told all over the internet. A story which I’ll need Google translate’s help to tell because our protagonist is French and that’s a language I don’t speak. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Once upon a time, there was a magical product called Orbeez. They were tiny little polymer ball$ that expanded into larger polymer ball$ when soaked in water. Though simple and unassuming, they were wildly popular with children all around the land, and, subsequently, with internet content creators looking to entice an audience.

One day, a French internet personality named Cyril Schreiner filled his entire bathtub with Orbeez, and posted video of it to Twitter.

“I wanted to test an experiment, it messed up look at the end … I need help please! Please”


But his perfectly normal plastic-ball bath turned hilariously disastrous when the ball$ began to fall down the drain, overtaking all the plumbing and soon filling the toilet and sink! Cyril had to think fast.

“Here is part 2 I followed your advice!”

Amazingly, his attempt to flush them all down the toilet backfired. His toilet was out of commission. He tweeted:

“It’s been 2 days, I haven’t sh^t and otherwise I’m fine”

Next, he tried to vacuum up the balls, only to result in the machine catching fire! Things got worse when a visit from the neighbors made him aware the ball$ were spreading ALL AROUND THE NEIGHBORHOOD! Also, according to Google translate, he “spoke Chinese?”

“This is part 3. The neighbor has landed, I spoke Chinese”

The young man began to fear for his freedom, tweeting:

“Basically I just wanted to play with water balls, take a bath with in the end it will end in trial before a judge”

His fate looked bad indeed. He attempted to shrink the Orbeez by dehydrating them with salt, but that only resulted in p*op spurting out of his sink, somehow. What’s worse, he soon discovered that ball$ that originated in his bathroom were now bubbling up from the sewers themselves!


He received a letter from the MAYOR indicating they were onto him!

“Here is the part 5 mdr good the letter of the mayor finished me how I do it?”

Cyril was in real trouble. How would he get out of this? Would the streets of his town ever be clean again? Would anyone ever be able to p*op?

The internet would have to wait to find out.

But some began to ask questions. Questions like:

  • “If he was in real legal trouble, why would he keep posting these videos all over the internet?”
  • “How did the ball$ multiply like that?”
  • “Is that how plumbing even works?”
  • “Why does the smoke coming from that vacuum look exactly like humidifier steam and exactly not like smoke?”
  • “Isn’t Cyril Schreiner an internet entertainer who regularly makes zany videos, including staged disasters like this time his dog set his Christmas tree on fire?”

And in response to those questions, I say: Shhhhhh. Let the internet have its magic.

But what say you? Did you believe the tale? Did you enjoy it?

Let us know in the comments.