The dating scene sure ain’t what it used to be. Like. At all. In my millennial lifetime I’ve seen things go from “internet dating is a confusing joke” to “I’m using my phone to swipe through potential dates because I’m bored and nobody thinks that’s weird” to “here’s a cute story about a man who sent a drone to a girl’s roof to ask her out on a no-contact date.”

What I’m saying is that romantic comedies are getting difficult to write. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Meet Jeremy Cohen. Jeremy is a New York photographer who knows his way around social media and has some pretty cool content.

But the thing that’s put Jeremy in the news lately is a story he’s released in pieces called “How to Date a Quarantined Cutie.” “Yes this is a real story,” he says, despite some doubters. The production quality is very high, and he’d definitely have needed a good amount of help to make the later chapters.

Still, stranger things have happened, especially this year, and it’s a lovely story no matter its origins.

Part 1: The Meet-Cute

Jeremy first spots Tori from across the rooftops of NYC, and decides to “shoot his shot” in the form of his phone number taped to a drone.

Part 2: The Date

Close enough to see each other but still far enough to need the aid of a phone to converse, the two set up a semi-remote date.

Part 3: In Person (Sort of)

Jeremy dons a bubble boy outfit to meet with Tori IRL.

By now the story has spread around enough that they’d probably be turning heads even without the enormous apparatus.

Part 4: Reflection

Here Jeremy provides some interesting background on how all of this came to be, and some of the other rooftop related work he’s been doing.

He teases another chapter involving Tori’s birthday at the end, but at the time of writing, that one hasn’t been released yet. If you can’t get enough of this sweet little tale, you can follow him at @jermcohen, and you can follow Tori at @toricigs.

What do you think? Is this the plot of the next great rom com?

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