There’s never, ever a bad time for Dad Jokes, and now that we are blessed with 24/7 access to dads all over the world, we’ll never have to be without their brilliance – a duty these 17 dads take very seriously. I’d say they go above and beyond in serving us all.

#17. “My Dad Sent Me A Picture Of My Mom And The “Nice Young Man” At Their Table At A Charity Dinner Last Night”

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#16. “This Dad Saw His Daughter At Our Local Fair And Didn’t Like What She Was Wearing”

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Fair enough.

#15. “My Girlfriend’s Grandpa With A Picture Of His Grandpa With A Picture Of His Grandpa”

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More grandpas is like more cowbell – awesome.

#14. “My Dad Has Been Trying To Grow Pineapples For The Last Year, Today He Succeeded, Look How Proud He Is”

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That’s a proud papa if I’ve ever seen one.

#13. “Our 6-Year-Old Asked Dad For An Advance On His Allowance For A Toy. This Is The Response He Got”

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It’s best he learns now.

#12. When your dad really wants to prove he’s not going bald.

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You’ve got to give it to him. It’s all he has left.

#11. “One Benefit Of Being A Little Person Is You Can Drive Your Daughter Around In Her Barbie Jeep When She’s Had Too Much To Drink”

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Are you sure about that?

#10. “My Dad Makes My Step Mom Take Pictures Of Him Doing Weird Things When We Have Record Breaking Low Temperatures”

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Marriage goals.

#9. “My Son Accidentally Left His Favorite Stuffed Animal, Hamilton, On My Dad’s Farm. My Dad Had A Little Fun Making A Story Out Of It”

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Grandpa of the Year.

#8. “My Son Is Upset. I Got Him A Card”

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All you can do is try.

#7. “My Dad Thinks He’s Pretty Clever”

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I mean, he’s not NOT clever.

#6. “Babies Feeding Their Dads”

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I love what happens when people have creativity and too much time on their hands.

#5. “There’s A New Bike Gang In Town”

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Be afraid.

#4. “I Don’t Always Get Packages From My Father But When I Do…”

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They’re basically the best thing ever?

#3. “This Is My Dad. His Name Is Cliff.”

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Of course it is.

#2. “My Dad Just Learned How To Use Photoshop”

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And we’re all winners.

#1. Can never unsee.

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Nice calves, though.

More, please!