Every single time I’m single, it’s single time. And every single time it’s single time, I single out the time to feel single. I’m sure you understand what I mean. The point is that being single is confusing and boring, usually. But that doesn’t stop us from returning to it over and over again. What are we do to but create memes to express our singlehood woes and commiserate with each other?

Here are ten single memes that will make you laugh about single time every single time.

10. Do as I say, not as I don’t

I’m great at talking, I’m bad at everything else.

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9. For crying out loud

This one goes out to whomever is gonna hear me sob over wet laundry one day.

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8. Miracle of miracles

No such create exists, this is the stuff of myth and legend.

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7. Cheers to me

Maybe the waiter will finally join me this time.

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6. Same old cycle

Reply, rinse, repeat.

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5. Playing keep away

Nobody pay any attention to my activities, please.

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4. Let it go

The cold definitely bothers me but I’m gonna say that it doesn’t.

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3. A long journey

Weirdly they don’t text back either.

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2. Luck be a lady

I’ve got this stuff down to a science.

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1. Unsinkable feeling

My heart is cold as an iceberg anyway.

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If you’re single right now, here’s to you. (We’re raising a glass. Alone. Because we are also single. This is weird. We should stop.)

What’s the best/worst thing about singlehood?

Tell us your opinion in the comments.