Full disclosure: I am a “men.” So when I saw this AskReddit post directed specifically at men, I paid attention. After all, I belong to this niche group and am probably one of the better representatives of it if you ignore all of my enormous flaws and shortcomings. Still, flawed though I am, I like to hear a compliment now and then to lift my spirits. And so do lots of other mens, as it turns out.

See, user justanothermistake06 got on r/AskReddit and posed the following question:

Men of reddit, what compliment would you like to hear more often ?
by inAskReddit

There were thousands of answers; some jokey, most sincere. And most, all kidding aside, rang very true.

1. If we can’t be appreciated for lawns, then what?

“Damn. You cut the shit out of that grass.”

– Ted_Denslow

2. Three simple words.

I appreciate you

– Rounder057

3. It’s about how we reflect on others.

Compliments that have to do with what feelings you’re evoking in another person.

“You make me feel safe”, for example, that’s always awesome to hear.

– I_hate_traveling

4. I may not be much to look at, but can we pretend?

Any compliment about my appearance would be nice to hear more often, especially since I’ve never had one before.

– Zenebas21

5. Some hit right in the feels.

I’m lucky to be with you

– meatballs_myballs

6. Men will hold onto a single compliment for years.

“You have a really nice complexion”

Compliment I received 15 years ago and still remember it

– ilovemygyro

7. We all want pride and joy.

Something along the lines of “I’m really proud of you” goes a LONG way for men.

Most of the time we don’t care about physical compliments.

– cwill_23

8. As an artist, I could hug ya.

“You’re not charging enough, your work is worth more than this”

– qpv

9. A little recognition goes a long way.

“I really appreciate all the hard work you do to make sure our family has everything we need… thank you.”

– DeepRoot

10. Everyone wants to feel like an individual.

“No one can replace you”

– stargazer-the-creato

11. Seriously, men will HOLD. ONTO. THESE.

Ten years ago, I got told by some girl working in a McDonald’s drive thru that I had beautiful eyes and I’m still riding high on that one.

– rowdyanalogue

12. You can’t really mess it up.

Any compliment ever. Seriously, tell me I have beautiful socks I don’t care.

It will light up my day.

– IWearBones138

13. There’s a lot going on here, but I approve.

Me and my best friends have adopted complimenting each others dicks out of context.

“Sick dick bro” “great dick dude” its hilarious and also just nice to hear.

– CulexKai

14. Some may crave something more niche…

“Your extensive knowledge of pre-WWII aviation makes me feel all tingly.”

“I wish I could find a man that knows about 1960’s muscle cars like you”

“I’m so turned on by your encyclopedic knowledge of 1970’s progressive rock bands!”

“No one knows more about guitar pedals than you!”

– e2hawkeye

15. But most really aren’t picky.

A compliment at all would be nice

– BlakkoeNakker

If there’s a man in your life who means something to you, maybe pay him a simple compliment today. It could make his week, or his decade.

What’s a compliment you’d like to get more often?

Tell us in the comments.