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Millennials (1980ish-2000ish) and baby boomers (1946-1964) have a reputation for not really “getting” each other as entire generations. Boomers think millennials are entitled brats and millennials think boomers can’t keep up with the modern world.

Twitter user Anna (@manhattanna) recently stumbled on a Facebook group in which millennial users pretend to be boomers in order to make fun of the way they use social media, and shared some of her screenshots on Twitter.

People love. So will you.

14. I mean why waste time with a second post?

13. “Is he a predator?”

12. Not good with the photos

Image Credit: Twitter

Image Credit: Twitter

Image Credit: Twitter


10. Please enjoy the incongruous backgrounds in the next several posts

Image Credit: Twitter

9. Balloons for days

Image Credit: Twitter

8. That is not a crying emoji…

Image Credit: Twitter

7. Neither is this

Image Credit: Twitter

6. Who among us does not miss a good cheddar biscuit?

5. God bless


3. So polite

2. These posts kill me

1. Ummmm…

Image Credit: Twitter

Stay funny out there, friends.

It’s the only reason to keep the internet alive.