Millennials take a lot of flack these days, and for pretty much anything that has gone wrong on a particular day to boot. But if, in your mind, millennials are kids, think again – a large portion of them will be in their twenties and thirties, married with kids and slogging through a life that looks darned similar to yours.

If you are a millennial, I see you (I’m right on the cusp!), and want to share images of 16 things you’ve (sadly) probably forgotten about those glorious years when you were growing up unaware that you were about to ruin the world.

16. Such a delicious smell/sound.

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15. My kids WISH their medicine tasted this great.

14. Think giant Legos that you definitely couldn’t leave out in the rain.

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13. My toddler would kill for a real Blue’s Clues notebook!

Image Credit: Nickelodeon

12. Those fish were lying, because there were definitely tears.

Image Credit: L’Oreal

11. And it could, if you really believed it.

Image Credit: Imgur

10. Stick Stickly.

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9. And you knew exactly how many bars would piss off your mother.

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8. I think I had forgotten this on purpose.

The honey comb guy from the 90s
byu/C-Lord96 innostalgia

7. Just everything about Blockbuster.

Does anyone remember having to look for the empty blockbuster box in front of the game to show it was available to rent?
byu/letimewizard innostalgia

6. Why did it taste so much better in a star?

Image Credit: Crest

5. The constant commercials convinced you that these were necessary for life.

Image Credit: Zoo Books

4. The berries and cream commercial you needed in order to joke with your friends.

3. I had forgotten this! Now I want a KitKat.

Image Credit: Wikipedia

2. Only fellow snitches would have been friends with Randall.

Image Credit: ABC

1. I fail to see anything wrong with these; they are perfect.

Image Credit: Tumblr

I remember some of these things, even though I’m a GenX-Xennial!

Do you remember these things? Had you forgotten?

Tell us how they made you feel in the comments!