Oh Carly Clark…

Poor, silly Carly Clark…

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Did she post a threat of physical violence against any woman she saw breastfeeding in public?

“I’m not sorry – the next female that tries to whip her bo*b out to breastfeed in front of my kids will get a black eye, move that baby [because] I’ll punch it too #zerocare #why #inpublicletsjustshowkidsbo*bs #notmine.”

Yep, Carly did that.

And it turns out that women who breastfeed (or women in general) don’t like to be threatened online or anywhere else for feeding their children. Crazy, right?!

Yeah, this went viral very, very quickly.

Because moms have to stick up for themselves.

Carly’s response?

She was defiant, and followed up on her Facebook post with this comment which, honestly, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Photo Credit: Kim Riendeau/Facebook

What Carly doesn’t seem to realize is that women aren’t just pulling their bo*bs out just to pull their bo*bs out. We’re in the late 2010s. Things have changed Carly. They’ve changed!!!

This was hinted at earlier in the article, but people could see her profile and found out where she worked…

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And yeah, you know what’s coming next…

Photo Credit: Cafe Mom

Here’s the thing folks, if you want to post something like this on Facebook, you should probably select a very, very small group of people to share it with. Rant all you want, but rant to close friends. Don’t make things like this public, or else you are bound to suffer the consequences.

Or here’s a crazy thought… don’t put something this toxic online in the first place. Right it down on a piece of paper and throw it the garbage where it belongs.