Package theft. It’s real easy to pull off, and it’s big problem. It’s also a bit odd. A would-be thief sees a box on a porch – they have no idea what’s inside. But they’re compelled to steal it anyway, just in case it’s something good.

One story on r/PettyRevenge outlined some very petty revenge for the theft of a package that, ironically, was probably no value to the new recipient whatsoever.

It’s a pretty wild ride.

Go ahead, buddy, keep stealing packages – eventually you’re not gonna like what you get
byu/Porchpiratehater inpettyrevenge

Basically, they laid a honeypot trap. Except…that’s not honey. The comments section exploded.

It does sort of define the whole subreddit.

It’s a tactic used by a lot of folks, apparently.

Some devious schemers suggested augmentations like glitter bombs.

It really should only take once…

I took special note of this junk mail deterrent scheme:

Turns out, a well-packed box has many uses.

Including recruiting trash disposal volunteers?

The temptation to steal can be used both ways.

We’re not as smart as we like to think.

It’s only worth what it’s worth to you.

So, there’s some tips and tricks for dealing with thieves and such. Just be careful you don’t give them the tools or encouragement to escalate the situation!

Have you had trouble with this?

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