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Good morning ladies and gentlemen. We bring you a matter of vital importance today, and it’s about choo-choos.

Specifically, someone in the “Too afraid to ask” subreddit shared a rather disturbing tale about their kid’s preschool teacher.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Well, that immediately sparked a rather heated debate on the appropriate number of “chuggas” to say before “choo-choo.”

Photo Credit: Reddit

It wasn’t long before all of Reddit was chanting in their rooms, trying to determine the answer.

Photo Credit: Reddit

A lot of folks went with two, possibly inspired by the popular children’s book by Kevin Lewis.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Some people even started diving into music theory to determine the acceptable amount.

Photo Credit: Reddit

I think we can all agree that 32 “chuggas” with no “choo choo” is just too much, and just a single “chugga” is an absolute travesty.

The number of “chuggas” and “choo choos” must be balanced – too many “chuggas” and the train might be too pressurized, but too many “choos” and the train wouldn’t even leave the station! Duh.