Good morning ladies and gentlemen. We bring you a matter of vital importance today, and it’s about choo-choos.

Also, “chugga-chuggas.”

Confused? Don’t be.

You know when you play that train game with yourself or your kids and you go “Chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga…” like the train is going up a hill… and then you yell “Choo-Choo!” to signal that the train is taking off and just winning the day?

Yeah, well, the folks over at Reddit need some specifics about how many chuggas one should say before the inevitable choo-choo.

Specifically, someone in the “Too afraid to ask” subreddit shared a rather disturbing tale about their kid’s preschool teacher.

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Well, that immediately sparked a rather heated debate on the appropriate number of “chuggas” to say before “choo-choo.”

Because, you know, this is the internet and we worry about such things.

And there actually seems to be some consensus on this one.

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It wasn’t long before all of Reddit was chanting in their rooms, trying to determine the answer.

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A lot of folks went with two, possibly inspired by the popular children’s book by Kevin Lewis.

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Some people even started diving into music theory to determine the acceptable amount.

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I think we can all agree that 32 “chuggas” with no “choo choo” is just too much, and just a single “chugga” is an absolute travesty.

But, if you want to get REALLY into the weeds on this one… check this answer out.

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Holy f**king s**t!

So yes, I think we can all agree that the number of “chuggas” and “choo choos” must be balanced – too many “chuggas” and the train might be too pressurized, but too many “choos” and the train wouldn’t even leave the station!