It seems like people are always frightened of dogs like pit bulls.

They’re big, they’re strong, and they pack a powerful bite.

However… have you ever f**ked with these tiny terrors?

Would it surprise you to learn that veterinarians and others who interact daily with other people’s pets actually fear being hurt and/or bitten by small dogs quite a bit more?

Yeah, it’s a thing. A serious thing.

This Tumblr thread tries to theorize on why…

And it all starts with how small dogs are treated when they’re young.

Big dogs are assumed to need training. Small dogs, though…

Part One

And so what happens? The tiny dogs feel the need to assert themselves. Because people are constantly violating their space.

What does that result in?

Nothing good!

And how many of these small dogs are allowed to do whatever they want?

And they just might be right, because dog owners everywhere need to give these dogs some consequences!

Those small dogs can be straight up BEETCHES!

And something needs to change… at some point?


If you have any dog, be it very big or very small… remember that it’s your responsibility to both train it and respect its cues. So when other people interact with you and it, they don’t have to be afraid for any reason at all.

After all… we’re talking about an animal, with feelings and emotions… and teeth. Sharp teeth.

Vets and groomers everywhere will thank you, I promise.

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