All of us with normal thumbs don’t appreciate how good we have it.

Clubbed thumbs can lead to a whole mess of headaches throughout the day, but luckily those who have them have formed a tight support group online. Check out these 12 encouraging (and funny) posts to see what we mean!

1. Autocorrect is your best friend.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @itssmeg

2. They need custom gloves.

3. Your thumb is constantly going through an identity crisis.

4. There are Facebook groups for people just like you.

5. People want to see your thumbs.

Photo Credit: Instagram: smcfarfar

6. And then, you know, compare theirs.

Photo Credit: Instagram: origami67

7. You might feel self-conscious if you Instagram a picture of you holding something.

8. Polishing your nails is a bit more challenging.

9. You stick together with other members of the “club!”

Photo Credit: Instagram: asteffy

10. People always think you jammed your thumb when you were little.

11. Deep down in your heart, you are proud of your unique features.

12. So you give the universe a thumbs up!

Here’s to all the thumbs out there!