Top ten countdowns are always super arbitrary, so why not make a top 10 list of some random memes we found? Number 4 will SHOCK you. And by shock, we mean, make you chuckle and breathe a puff of air through your nose. They’re memes, not deathbed confessions. Scroll through and enjoy.

Here for no reason whatsoever are our top 10 memes we’ve seen in the last 5 minutes.

10. Dangerous games

We all need a little roughness and a little tenderness.

9. Sweet dreams

Can’t get hurt if you never connect with anyone.

8. Dive into salvation

This is blasphemy of the highest order and we approve.

7. Talent pool

Nobody tells you that after age 25 you just stop listening to anything new.

6. Pulling for you

Something you’ll regret wonderfully for the rest of your life.

5. Live, don’t learn

The sauce demands a monch.

4. Constructed languages

Ah, I see the car here is made out of car.

3. Solid bits

They’ve got one trick and by golly they’re gonna do it.

2. That sweet bi and bye

Nothing is more powerful than a father’s instinct to do a dad joke.

1. Which craft?

Revenge is a dish that’s best served.

There you have it, our definitive rankings of those specific memes, recorded for posterity. Thank you for being with us for this historically important event.

What are your favorite memes lately?

Tell us in the comments.