TikTok has got yet another challenge sweeping the platform. This one – the #AccentChallenge – focuses on accents and dialects from around the world, and how they effect the pronunciation of words and the choice of terminology. It’s pretty interesting, and a fun way to pass the time by yourself or with a friend.

There seem to be two main ways to do the Accent Challenge. There’s the solo version, where you simply state where you’re from and then read a list of words. That one seems to have been around for long enough now that it’s mostly getting overrun with parodies and punchline variations, which are pretty funny.

The second version is to have two or three people (either physically together or via the app’s duet feature) with differing accents go through a list of words together and contrast the differences. Simple enough, but it gets pretty entrancing. Here are some examples.

10. England vs. Texas

Most controversial word: Aluminum


#accentchallenge 🇬🇧VS🇺🇸 @philipapayne let’s gooo #happyathome #lifeathome #couplelove #soulmatepov

♬ Accent Challenge – iskra lawrence

9. Nigeria vs. Ghana

Most controversial word: Starbucks


#accentchallenge 🇳🇬 VS 🇬🇭 @crazy_kezie_jessi #foryou #happyathome #nigeria #ghana #africa #viral #trending #siblings #destacame

♬ original sound – Sommy_candy

8. America vs. Brazil

Most controversial word: Walmart


American 🇺🇸 vs Brazilian 🇧🇷 #accentchallenge pt. 1 @wobruno IB: @dreaknowsbest (read bio)

♬ original sound – tyshon

7. Mexico vs. America vs. Nigeria

Most controversial word: Beach


Pronunciation is everything… wait for it!!! @dreaknowsbest @theevelyngonzalez #accents #accentchallenge

♬ original sound – Montana Tucker

6. Columbia vs. Nigeria

Most controversial word: Tortoise


Colombian 🇨🇴 vs Nigerian🇳🇬 accent @danielasalazarc_ YouTube: DreaKnowsbest Do you have an accent? #accentchallenge #parati #fyp IB: @shae_hardin

♬ accentchallenge – Drea Knowsbest

5. India vs. Canada

Most controversial word: Schedule


#accentchallenge with my husband was so much fun! #lovehim #couplegoals

♬ original sound – Virinda Dembla Malik

4. Nigeria vs. Germany

Most controversial word: Attractive


Nigerian 🇳🇬 vs German 🇩🇪 #accentchallenge w/ @jennyandmarco What country should i do next? IG: drea_Knowsbest #accents

♬ original sound – Drea Knowsbest

3. Spain vs. Russia

Most controversial word: Whiskers


Spanish🇪🇸 VS Russian🇷🇺 parte 1 (MIRA MI BIO😰) #accentchallenge

♬ sonido original – 👑Diana Dasha👑

2. Colombian vs. American vs. Arabic

Most controversial word: French Fries


Accent challenge Colombian,English, Arabic whats hour nationality? @kingali @king_ferran #accentchallenge #comedy #funny

♬ original sound – andreaespadatv

1. Texas vs. New York

Most controversial word: Hello


ACCENTS CHALLENGE w/@loulou_gonzalez #sarati

♬ original sound – SARATI

Pretty cool mini-tour of the world and its languages! Check out the #AccentChallenge hashtag on TikTok for lots, lots more.

Where are you from? Does anybody give you trouble about your accent’s eccentricities?

Let us know in the comments.