Alright. I don’t know what to think about the internet anymore. I don’t know what to do with this information. I don’t know how to process the fact that people all over social media are losing their minds over a big baby. And I don’t mean, like, someone who cries a lot and is immature. I mean literally just…a really big baby.

The kid in question – apparently named Gavin – was brought to the internet’s attention by a TikTok account operated by his parents. Here’s the spark that started the fire:

That’s pretty much all it took for folks to start being ridiculous.

Look, we all know that people reach for hyperbole on the internet as a means of semi-ironic humor, but this time around we’re talking about a BABY. And a lot of the comments are so mean and gross that I don’t even want to dignify them with a share on this page.

Others, however, welcome our big boi overlord.

Pretty much any time Gavin pops up anywhere, the jokes start rolling out in an endless cascade.

This above-average toddler is, apparently, the very most shocking thing anyone has ever seen, ever, in their whole lives, ever.

A lot of the riffing wanders away from the mean and into some more clever meme-mixing territory, though.

Imagine what this kid is going to think when, years later, he stumbles upon the origin story he was living without even realizing it.

And what about the parents in all this? Well, they’re continuing post new TikToks of Gavin, a lot of which are pretty clever and endearing. And every time, the riffs start rolling in (pro tip: if you’ve got a big baby joke to make, scroll up and make sure it hasn’t already been said 400 times.) The account currently has over 150 thousand followers and nearly 3 million likes.

Despite all the insanity surrounding the internet’s reaction to their kiddo, Gavin’s parents seem to be managing it alright. They’re continuing to post, they disable comments when they get out of hand, and they’re even memeing like champs.

Some commentators have taken it upon themselves to declare that Gavin must not be healthy to be the size he is at the age he is. And while I’m sure everyone offering those criticisms is definitely a medical professional and not just speculating, their parents have insisted that he is just fine.

They respond pretty regularly to the positive comments. At the end of the day, there are a lot of people just enjoying Gavin’s cheerful presence on the internet. He does seem to have a pretty irrepressible joy to him.

And look, if you can’t say anything nice, at least say something funny and original.

Personally, I’m on team Gavin.

You can follow Gavin on Instagram here. Highly recommend the one where he’s splashing around in a puddle. Very heartwarming. Much cute.

What’s something you’ve seen on the internet lately that made you stop in your tracks?

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