I think most people believe that there are really only a few options when arranging your bedroom – at least as far as the bed is concerned.

If you’re single, the bed is against 2 walls…to protect against monsters, obviously, and also so you don’t roll out when you’re drunk.

And once you’re in a relationship, the headboard goes against one wall, with enough space on either side for people to get out easily.

But what if…that wasn’t the case.

What if this was a thing?

Yeah, no.

Tumblr devolved into a series of diagrams…

Because this is important work!

And Tumblr is here to explain EVERY DAMN THING!

Even people who would do something as insane as this!

Somebody actually pointed out that Thomas Jefferson did this…

And now you’re about to find out that there are people called “two-wallers.”

And devolved into more diagrams.

First one wall…

Then two…

Then two more… like good ole Thomas!

Why is there a space at the foot of the bed?!?! WHY?!?!

People did not know how to handle it…

Honestly, neither do I. Because why?!

This person seem reasonable!

This person, not so much…

But, ya know, some of them have a point!

I’m definitely uncomfortable, though, because the world is just not as neat and orderly as it should be. Why isn’t it people… whyyyyy?


Still, what do you do? Anything like what is pictured or do you do your own thing?

Let us know in the comments! Please and thank you!