It’s a sad fact of life that sometimes you just have to cut people out of your life.

People who are toxic, who make you feel bad about yourself, or who are trying to drag you down with them. The term for this is “ghosting” someone and, while it may seem harsh, occasionally it must be done.

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about their experiences.

1. That gets really old.

“When I realized she liked hating things more than liking them. I hate beer, hate EDM, hate Marvel, hate Channing Tatum, hate football; these are all things she’s said.

It’s ok that we don’t enjoy the same things, but she’d go out of her way to let me know she hated something and rarely talked about what she liked.”

2. Not very supportive.

“Whenever I would talk about feeling stressed and my mental health not being in an optimal condition, she would say something along the lines of “Oh come on, you dont have actual problems, there are people out there that actually have depression, anxiety, etc”.

She always downplayed the struggles I would be going through just because it wasn’t the worst possible thing that could happen.”

3. That’s so gross.

“She sh^t-stirred between everyone, it was just a game to her to ruin friendships, people that she wasn’t even close friends with.

Nearly 10 years later and I’m told she still tries it on with her wider circle (or rather, her husbands circles, as she no longer has any friends of her own any more) but they all treat it like a joke and ignore her, going so far as to warn others in a jokey manner.”

4. We’re done.

“Her two year old was violent towards my two year old.

She thought it was normal and refused to correct his behavior.”

5. Done it a few times…

“I’ve ghosted a couple of friends. It was after years of friendship and I realized that everything was about them. The friendship was one sided and I felt undervalued.

It got to the point that even though we were “best friends”, they had no idea what was happening in my life.

A lot more happened that I don’t care explaining, but I stopped talking to them after 11 years.”

6. That’s bad.

“I was disinvited from his wedding, in which I was a groomsman, because he found out I wasn’t a Christian.

We’d been friends for a decade up until that point.”

7. Do what’s best for you.

“She had negative experiences with a lot of things to the point that talking to her was like walking on eggshells.

I hope she’s doing alright and I feel bad I stopped talking to her but I had to choose what was better for me.”

8. Negative and entitled.

“A girl I met in one of my biology labs came off really nice. I didn’t really know anyone in the small lab and she invited me to be study partners which I gladly accepted.

The first study session was at a coffee shop off campus. She complained about her “best friend” for 3 hours. She was the most negative, entitled person I’ve ever met.

After that semester, I deleted her number and never talk to her again.”

9. My friend’s wife.

“His wife she scared quite a few of his friends away. Made it so obvious she did not want his friends around.

Any time the attention wasn’t on her it was a problem for everyone.”

10. You have no other options.

“When I realized I was only their friend because they had no other friends who would put up with their bullsh^t. Addicted to blow, “afflicted” because they were gay (nobody had any problem with this), and constantly said they were going to kill themselves.

I was patient for longer than anyone else, and even said how I was feeling. They would get coked out and text me about 20 times throughout the night almost every night. I blocked them three days later.”

11. Not your closest mate anymore…

“My closest mate for over fifteen years. He had no initiative, slept all the time, never initiated anything. Never lived out of home, and slept in his own filth, grew obese, hoarded cr*ppy Japanese toys which filled up his dads house.

And became more and more annoying as a person until I couldn’t bear him. Constant one-upmanship or little put downs, or bragging over embarrassing stuff. I moved cities. When he came to visit, he annoyed and offended my friends so much they never forgot.

I cut all contact. I always ask for news but he has alienated all his old friends. The only news is that he is somehow eve ln fatter, now has diabetes, has taken up cigars and dresses up in a cowboy hat and boots he ordered from Nashville, USA.”

12. My “best friend”.

“I was bullied in school – but my worst bully was my “best friend” I used to come home and cry to my mom. I would be heartbroken over how my “best friend” was treating me.

Honestly – I don’t remember what my mom would tell me, but I wish she would have told me that I was worth way more than the treatment than I received from her, that she was a bad friend and I should drop her, that I had friends who treated me with respect and that I should spend my time with them, that she would have forbade me from hanging out with her – anything. anything.

I wasted something like 15 years with that girl in that abusive friendship.”

13. Double-crossed.

“She pocket called me.

Overheard her talking sh^t about my personal issues that I had confided in her.”

14. Out with the old, in with the new.

“The quickest way to lose (and make) great friends is to do something to fix your mental health.

I found out a lot about my friends when I stopped drinking, and before that when I left school for a mental breakdown. People just don’t even pretend to make the effort anymore.”

It’s always a tough thing to do, but sometimes you just need to cut ties with certain people in your life for good.

Have you ever had to do this to a friend?

If so, tell us about your experience in the comments.

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