Going on a bad date can be a real hit to the old ego. You go in with a ton of confidence and then…it goes to sh^t in a hurry.

Sometimes you even have to stand up and walk out in the middle of a date if it’s really bad.

Here are some good stories from AskReddit users about ditching out early when they knew things were going south pretty quickly.

1. Let’s go to the shop.

“He scr*ped the bottom of his low-to-the-ground car on my driveway. He took it (and me) straight to a mechanic to look at the damage. He told me that if it was a quick fix he would only make me pay half. I said my brother is a mechanic let me go call him.

Left and called for a ride.

Fuuuuck that.”

2. This isn’t gonna work out.

“We had been on a couple of dates, and he invited me to his house to watch a movie. I showed up and he immediately brings me an Ice Pick. I don’t like vodka and I wasn’t in the mood to drink, but I thanked him for the drink and I sipped on it a little.

He commented that I wasn’t drinking fast enough. I said “Oh, well I’m not really in the drinking mood.” He kept pressuring me to drink. I inspected my glass to make sure there was no residue or anything else in it. There wasn’t, but when I finished he made me another without asking. I thanked him, but said that I really didn’t want another. He told me not be rude and that I should have drinks with him if he’s making them for me. When I finished that one I said “I really don’t want another”. He brings me another.

It’s obvious that he’s trying to get me drunk. He keeps trying to make out with me and I said that I really wanted to watch the movie. He keeps, literally, pulling my face towards him and shoving his tongue down my throat.

I turned the other way on the couch, so I had my feet down by him and he couldn’t get to my face.

He then gets on the floor, and walks on his motherfucking knees to my face and starts trying to kiss me again.

I said I needed to go to the bathroom. I quietly called my best friend and told her I need her to call me back with something “urgent” in a couple of minutes so I could get out of a bad date. She did, and I took off.

After that the kept trying to call and text me a lot and I just told him “Look, you were obviously trying to get me drunk, and kept forcing kisses after I said I wanted to watch the movie. This is not gonna work out.””

3. That’s pretty rude.

“So, this is about ten years ago, a few friends in another city introduce me and this girl. We call each other, chat on instant messenger, and text a bit. I tell I’m going to see my friends in a couple weeks and we set up a dinner date.

We met at the restaurant, big hug and huge grin from her. We sit down, chat, and are talking a bit when two of her friends get seated diagonally from us. She gets up to go say hi, never introduces me, and proceeds to have the waiter drop her food off at their table. Her friends ask why she’s leaving me alone and without any shame she says “He’s fine.”

Waiter comes to pick up my plate (I’d already ordered and I didn’t want to be a d%ck and screw the waiter) and drops off my check then hands her her own check. I just shrugged it off handed the guy a $20 saying keep the change and left.

She calls me on my way back to my buddies house, bitches me out then had the ball$ to ask if I’d buy her alcohol to take to a party (I was 21 she was 19). I laughed, she called me a d%ck and hung up. Then I questioned why I answered the call in the first place.”

4. Back to your place?

“Met a guy online who lived about an hour away. We agreed to meet up closer to me and he told me he was just going to stay in town that night. I figured he had friends here or whatever. He gets to the date and he is clearly about 15 years older than his pictures represented. I figured I would finish the meal then gtfo.

After dinner he insisted on walking me to my car and then said, “ok, so I’ll just follow you back to your place then?” I was quite shocked and a little scared for my safety so I said ok and then ripped out of that parking lot before he could get to his car. He text me an hour later and told me he was home lol. Never heard from him after that.”

5. Wow, that’s harsh.

“It was an OkCupid date and we met for coffee after talking awhile. He had a sour look on his face when I got there, so I wasn’t expecting too much. When our coffee came out, he said “I’m glad you didn’t ask me to pay for that, because I don’t think you should be drinking something with that many calories.” I’m a fat person, but he was way fatter than me, so I thought he was being self-depricating.

I was prepared to roll my eyes and let it go, but then he ranted for about 15 minutes about how women were getting too fat and how they should be pressured to lose more weight. Eventually I stopped him with a “You saw my picture! Why did you even agree to coffee?” His answer was “I was hoping you had lost weight since the picture was taken, because no one would put themselves on a dating app in that condition.””

6. Addicted to her phone.

“Picked up a girl for a first date.

On the drive to eat she’s tapping away on her phone a few times. Get to the place to eat, sits down, tapping away texting. A few minutes later, texting again.

I excuse myself to use the bathroom….and leave.”

7. Total psycho.

“He turned up drunk, and brought pictures of his time in Iraq in the army with him, that he took me through painfully slowly, one-by-one. I politely excused myself to go for a cigarette and he lost it – accused me of being rude, shouting about how no wonder I was single, and then sat on my coat so I couldn’t run away – saying that even if I did leave, he would follow me and make me sorry.

He also goes on a rant about how all graduates are entitled d%ckheads, he doesn’t agree with women going to uni, and that I’m a middle class c*nt. He had insisted on paying for my drink, so when I came back in I said I wanted to go, and he insisted that I OWE HIM a drink, ‘cos he was going up Camden to meet his mates and didn’t want to be behind on the drinks front. Fine, whatever, he’s CLEARLY insane, I’ll just buy him one to shut him up then I can leave.

At the bar, he begins throwing ice at the barmaid when her back is turned, then when she turns around accusingly, points at me and says ‘she did it’. The barmaid and I both know that it was him. After he has his pint in his hand he goes back to the table, and I confess to said barmaid that I’m on the worst date of my life and want to run away. She pours me a shot of tequila, tells the bouncer to distract him, then helped me run away, as he banged on the window and shouted ‘I’ll find you’.”

8. At least the fajitas were good.

“I took a girl once to my favorite mexican restaurant.

She proceeded to pretty much give me a run down of her past 5 boyfriends, why the relationship failed, how each was in bed, what they all did for a living, where they all took her for vacations. My eyes started to cross, and my blood was starting to boil. I was relegated to “un huh’s” and “wow, that guy is an as$hole” responses. She seemed very disinterested in anything I had to say, and I was f*cking done.

As I was about to get up and walk out, the waiter brought my fajitas. So you know what…I just rolled with it. Started asking questions about her ex boyfriends. All the while, I was stuffing my face with tasty tasty fajitas. Honestly, most of the dudes sounded like pretty good guys, but I put on a brave face and sh^t talked them in between bites.

Once I was full, I got up, said I needed to go to the bathroom, paid for my half of the meal at the register, and just left. She was busy texting someone, and didn’t even notice.

On my way home, she texted me and asked me where I was. Told her that I left, and that maybe she should ask one of her ex boyfriends to come and pick her up since she spent the last 45 minutes doing nothing but talking about them.

Got a couple f*ck you’s, you’re an as$hole texts on the drive home…but its been radio silent ever since.”

9. Stalker alert.

“Met a guy in the mall I worked at, he was cute and shy. After a week of flirting he asked for my number, I was so stoked. We got to texting and it turns out we were neighbours. He asked me to go for a walk that night and I happily said yes.

He gave me a creepy vibe within a few minutes of the date starting so I started planning my out. I told him I had a late night yoga class and I had to get home. On the walk to my place he asked if I wanted to see pictures on his phone. I agreed, thinking that they were going to be pictures of his dog or something….

Nope, pictures of naked girls from the Internet. Luckily we made it to my apartment building and he asked to hug me. I basically ran in the door, and as soon as I was safe inside I messaged him I wasn’t interested in him.

He stalked me for months. Upwards of 70 texts a day. It took friends showing up and threatening him…”

10. This is incredible.

“This didn’t happen to me but a stoner buddy of mine left during the middle of a date because he was high and forgot he was on one.

They had smoked up before drinks at his local pub and she went to use the washroom, was in a little too long and he just plum forgot he wasn’t there alone and went home.

This was before cell phones were super common (fuck i am old) so there was no “where the f*ck are you” text.”

11. Glued to you.

“I have done it once.

We arranged to meet at a bookstore because that is where I am most comfortable meeting people.

When he arrive he looked nothing like his photo and stood way too close. So close that I couldn’t even think of a situation where standing that close to someone is ever acceptable. I decide to walk around and hopefully my walking around would put some distance but nope. Somehow this guy was able to stay glued to me the entire time.

Every question I asked was replied with an “I don’t know”. Finally, I said I was feeling really uncomfortable and was going to go home. I turn to leave and I feel his hand go from my shoulder down my back to my hip.

It made me cringe so bad. I noped out fast.”

12. This is over.

“Yes, we met at a nicer restaurant, sat down and had a decent conversation.

We started to look over the menu and the wine list. I asked if she had a preference regarding the wine. She said no. I ordered a bottle of Pinot Grigio, since I didn’t know her preferences or what she might order: kind of a nice middle of the road selection.

When it came, the waitress brought two glasses, did the usual tasting and, when she went to pour my date a glass, she quickly declined. The waitress poured me a glass and left. I asked her if she’d prefer another drink.

She lauched into what I can only describe as a Temperance Lecture. She was stridently anti-alcohol and my ordering wine had clearly upset her.

This was a first date, so I had no way of knowing any of this and had she let me know her thoughts ahead of time, say, when I asked her preference or when I was ordering, I’d have gotten something acceptable to her. Instead, I was getting a lecture that would. not. stop. I got called a drunk and rude and insensitive repeatedly by someone I just met in the course of about 5 minutes.

After a few minutes the waitress came over and asked if everything was OK. I told her “No”. Told my date that our date was over, and asked the waitress if I could be re-seated at the bar.

The waitress and my date both looked shocked. My date picked up her sweater and purse and stalked out. I picked up my glass. The waitress picked up the bottle and led me to the bar.

(In the bar, I met a very nice young lady with different ideas and we shared the bottle and a very nice evening.)”

13. The dream shark.

“Not a date, but I left dinner with my brother and his crazy girlfriend-of-the-month. This one wouldnt stop telling us about how she had recently conquered a “dream shark” that was giving her nightmares. It was a metaphor for her life or something. I told them my cat was sick after she showed us a picture she drew of the shark.

I really did try. But after 30 minutes being lectured on a dream shark, I lost it.”

14. Baby fever.

“She would not stop talking about babies.

Her friends had them, her sisters had them, her brothers had them and made sure it was perfectly, crystal clear, she did not have one.


15. Time to leave.

“This was a third date, he was a nice enough guy, an editor at the local newspaper. We’re at his house and he’s made me dinner and suddenly he drops in normal conversation that his fetish is having s^x with girls that are unconscious. I immediately stopped eating, stopped drinking, and made my exit. I did not get roofied but damn was I scared that it was in the cards for that night.

Edit: His exact words were “You’re so sexy. I’d love to share something with you since we seem to be hitting it off… Yada yada yada.”

I excused myself to the bathroom and pretended to get an emergency call. He got arrested two years later for being a peeping tom, then moved away. I swear this happened. I met some real weirdos when I was doing the OK Cupid thing. For instance, met a guy that said a black panther was his spirit animal and that she came to him in his dreams.

Sometimes she told him to do bad things to people, but she was OK with me. That one never got a second date…but I saw his engagement notice in the paper a year later.”

Okay, I’ve been on some miserable dates but those are really bad.

How about you? Do you have any stories that top these tales of dates gone bad?

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