A challenge was going around recently that encouraged people to text their “number neighbor” – the person with the phone number that’s off just one digit from your own – to see what they’re like and what they have to say about it.

The results have been all over the board, with new friendships being formed, hilarious “no thanks” replies, and people who got no response at all.

These 11 responses are just about as good as it gets, in one way or another.

1. We could all use a number neighbor like this one.

12. Near miss.

3. Check yes or no.

4. She’s a peach!

5. Just for fun.


6. That’s pretty much the best you can hope for in any interaction.


7. How does that not make you laugh?


8. Very good advice.

9. Someone definitely doesn’t have Twitter.


10. Still waiting…

11. Fist bump.


So… have you ever done anything like this?

Let us know if you have in the comments! We want to know!