Look, there’s nothing wrong with discussing how to raise young men into compassionate, connected, competent, and confident adults. Nothing.

That said, many of us doing the raising believe now that things like repressing emotions, enforcing arbitrary gender stereotypes, or just encouraging boys in general to do things they don’t like or enjoy in the pursuit of being “manly” isn’t the way for anyone to be a happy and well-adjusted young person.

Pastor Clint Pressley seems to have different ideas, like saying you can’t be a man unless you eat meat, can do pushups, somehow learn how to sleep less, and prefer dogs over cats.

Pretty weird.

Here’s his complete list:

Image Credit: @PastorClint

And here are 15 of the best responses to it on Twitter.

15. I mean there are plenty of reasons to dislike Crocs but they’re not inherently un-manly. Whatever that means.


14. I can’t speak for Jesus but I don’t think he authorized this list.

13. Best to not take any chances, I guess.

12. Reading material is thin, I suppose.

11. Don’t be like Ron Swanson.

10. Sadly, I’m pretty sure it was not meant to be a joke.


9. What is wrong with vegetables, exactly?

8. I mean we’re all just trying our best, right?

7. Never has there been a more appropriate GIF.

6. Except for maybe this one.

5. I don’t know what this means but it makes me laugh.


4. I mean he looks like a man to me.


3. I definitely agree with the talking to Jesus part.

2. Fra-gee-lay.

1. Only one because the rest of us don’t have time for more.

Here’s hoping my 2 young sons grow up knowing they can eat what they want, cry when they feel like it, and use as much hair gel as they’d like (based on my baby’s hair currently, he’s going to need it).

What do you think about this list? There are obviously good things on it, but as a whole, would you share it with your sons?

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