There’s been a big push for society as a whole to be more open and accepting when it comes to treating mental illnesses the same way we treat physical ones.

Part of this movement depends on the people who struggle with these types of issues being willing to put their personal business out into the world, risking judgment and negative feedback.

If we really want to understand what it’s like, and how anxiety can look and feel different depending on who is living with it, we need to listen without comment, though.

So, here are some tweets that offer you the chance to do just that.

14. Those little message notifications can wreck havoc.

13. So many ways to feel embarrassed.

12. And worrying that people aren’t going to understand.

11. This person is poetic.

10. It’s not a fun to live.

9. Complete with emojis.

8. Not being able to go and do what you’d like.

7. There are a lot of people outside.

6. Physical manifestations are common.

5. And then fre*king out when you run out of tomorrows.

4. Chronic fatigue is no joke.

3. Not much worse than second guessing.

2. Worry can be so exhausting.

1. Easy to deal with, right?

It’s fascinating to me how brains work, and how the same affliction can appear differently in different people.

Do you or someone you love struggle with anxiety? Do you see your symptoms here, or are yours missing?

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