You never know what life is going to throw at you, do you?

It can be a cr*pshoot, so you have to be ready to roll with the punches at all times.

But we should all embrace it because life can be very exciting and unpredictable!

And oh, the stories that people can tell!

Let’s see what kind of tales AskReddit shared…

1. That’s pretty rare.

“I was the best man on both sides of a lesbian wedding because I had dated both the bride and the bride, stayed close friends and introduced them to each other after our breakups.”

2. Oh no!

“When I was 11 years old my chihuahua named Taco was stolen by an eagle while I was distracted watching two lizards hump.

In traumatic shock, I watched the dog fly off into the sunset in the grasp of the eagle’s talons “TACO NOOOOOOOO!””

3. Okay…

“I’ve published four peer-reviewed scientific papers on hamster testicles.

I’m currently working on a critical COVID-related project which doesn’t involve testicles and thus would be much less exciting for Redditing purposes :)”

4. Helping out Dad.

“My dad was on the drug task force and he did a stake out from our living room window for the house across the street from us. His coworkers and himself were in our living room with all the equipment needed and when they sent in the undercover person they caught on tape the person saying “we have to be careful f*cking (dads name) across the street is a cop.”

Everyone burst out laughing and almost disrupted the investigation. I was about 8 at the time and thought I was a total badass because I got to ‘help’ my dad in an investigation.”

5. Bad luck.

“I have been involved in 2 bike crashes, 2 bus crashes, 1 drive by bus shooting, and 1 major car crash by the age of 17.

None of them I am responsible for and didn’t have to pay a dime for damages.”

6. Hard to kill.

“Both my son and myself have received Last Rites, yet are still alive. My dad stepped on a land mine AND was hit by a train and survived both.

We’re hard to kill.”

7. That’s quite a story.

“I once F*rted in a closed elevator with Arnold Schwarzenegger and his entire family back in the late 90s.

My dad was his body guard for a brief period and i got to meet him.”

8. Get that leg!

“I’m an amputee and wear a prosthetic leg. About 20 years ago when I was a teen I was skiing and in a particular set of circumstances which is too long of a story, my prosthetic leg became disconnected from my body and skied down the hill by itself.

My instructor chased it all the way down the mountain. 100% true story.”

9. A fine artist.

“I’ve drawn over 1,000 p*nises and was interviewed by Playboy for it. Recently I’ve drawn butts that are on display at a local gallery. Thinking about doing a fundraiser called “Kiss My Ass Corona” where I’ll draw your b*tt in exchange for donating to charity.

Still unsure, though.”

10. A real hero.

“I saved a lot of lives in Afghanistan. My squad leader wanted to recommend me for a bronze star. I begged him not to submit the paperwork unless he also recommended my squad mate, who put in just as much effort as I did.

If anyone saw my medals now, they’d think I was just an average, ordinary soldier who did his job. That’s what I deserve.”

11. Sounds like a good gig.

“I get paid to smoke weed.

I moved my family to Washington in 2015 after weed was legalized. I decided to become an expert and reviewer and did it.

I’ve done photography and social media and ad campaigns for the biggest brands in cannabis, over 4000 examples in about 5 years. I had instagram and youtube kill my channels a few times but Im constantly at it and returning.

Done podcasts with some of the coolest people in cannabis and legendary stories with glass artists. I even recently gave my first historical lecture.”

12. A Bieber sighting.

“My ex and I were having a huge argument in a hotel parking lot, my friend and ex’s dad were there as witnesses. Two big buses pulled up and Justin Bieber got off one of them with a security guard and walked right past us.

I was crying and my ex was yelling at me and JB said, “hey, stop that”, my ex yelled back at him “white people shouldn’t have dreads!” and then Justin got onto the other bus with his guard.

My friend was cracking up saying “was that Justin Bieber?” and sure enough, some people in his entourage or whatever were staying at that hotel and he was in town that night for a concert.”

13. A piece of music history.

“The Volkswagen Beetle on the cover of “Abbey Road” by The Beatles belonged to my Grandfather.”

14. Doesn’t happen very often.

“Husband and I fell in love at first sight. Moved in together after two days. Married five months later. Still married.

It will be forty years in May.”

15. I’ve been everywhere…

“I went from being a steel mill laborer to an Executive Assistant of a Cabinet Minister to a stone quarry laborer to a Computer Programmer.

I’ve also been a fisherman on the east coast, a farm hand on the prairies, a telephone system salesman, a pest control salesman and a lumberyard person.

I kid you not.”

16. Before they made it big.

“My step dad is related to John Lennon and used to hang out with the Beatles a lot before they were famous.”

Life truly is stranger than fiction, isn’t it?

Now let’s hear from all the readers out there!

What are some crazy and interesting true stories that have happened to you in your life?

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