Real life is not like the movies. Things are often slow, boring, and pretty unromantic. But every once in a while, life drops a big plot twist on you that’d make even M. Night Shyamalan jealous.

These 15 people on Reddit shared the biggest real-life plot twists they’ve ever experienced, and the answers are pretty jaw-dropping. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hollywood tried to adapt some of these into movies.

1. Bedridden Cheater

When I was young, I dated a boy from another church, about two hours away. We dated all through high school, his short stint in the military, I graduated and moved closer to him, then back home for work, all of that. We got engaged. One day, I got a frantic call that he was in the ICU with spinal meningitis and the doctors weren’t sure if he would make it. I frantically called out of work, begged a friend for transportation, and drove to stand by his side. Well, on the other side of the plastic surrounding him. There were lots of tears and promises.

My friend and I were invited to stay at his parents’ house; they super nice folks and thought I was awesome. I slept in his bedroom. All over his desk, laying open, were letters from another girl. Apparently, she had been saving him from the horrors I inflicted on his poor soul. I was just about everything bad in a person you could think of, according to him.

I was heartbroken, angry, embarrassed, and sick. I scooped up all of the letters, put them in a shoebox, along with my ring, and the next day went to the hospital to see him, beaming at me with a huge smile… which turned to confusion, realization, then dread when I poured out the box outside the plastic house. I turned and walked out and drove home. Sadly, he survived. Amusingly, he went on to become a stellar member of society, with multiple arrests/wives/kids.

2. Mom?

I used to work with a guy in his early 20s that at the time of the story was getting ready to go with his family for his first trip abroad. He was pretty dang excited and we were getting the play-by-play of all the things — where they were staying, what they were going to do, etc.

He needed to get a passport, but his birth certificate had been lost. When the replacement one arrived, “mom’s” name isn’t the woman he’s called mom his whole life, it’s his “sister.” Turns out, his “sister” had him super young, and his grandparents basically took him on and raised them as their son and no one ever told him the truth. So, Sister was actually Mom and Mom and Dad was actually Grandpa and Grandma. The real dad is unknown.

He took a few days off work to sort himself out, still went on the trip, still apparently had a blast.

3. Two Paths Collide

A guy I knew in high school was talking one winter day about how he was late to school because someone hit his mailbox. His folks made him fix it up before he went to school, he missed his ride, and had to walk instead, but the school staff was cool about it and didn’t punish him.

A few minutes later, another girl comes into class and she’s talking about how her morning sucked, she lost control going down a hill and hit someone’s mailbox. She fre*ked out and drove off before anyone witnessed it and described a few details of the house.

Mailbox guy puts 2 and 2 together and blurts out “you hit MY mailbox!” He wasn’t super mad about it and she turned beet red. It was hilarious at the time the way they both reacted.

4. Long-Lost Family

In primary school, we had a WWI memorial lesson and we were asked if anyone had any relatives who fought at the time.

My friend brought in a picture of his great-great-grandfather with his wife.

A girl also brought in a picture of her great-great-grandfather with his wife.

The teacher said they looked similar. She put them side by side and looked shocked. We gathered around and it was the same man who had kept his two wives a secret. Both had been married privately.

They were cousins and didn’t know.

5. Father Figure

I was adopted from South America to the U.S. when I was a toddler and have no memory of my birth parents. I had an older friend/mentor I met in college. I knew him as Mike. When I learned that my birth mother passed away, I got a few of her belongings including some pictures. Who was in these pictures? Mike. He was my birth father.

6. When God closes a door…

I got laid off from a company I had worked at for over 20 years. I went in for my exit interview and the HR lady said: “Dwayne, from a site 3 states away, wants to hire you.” I said, “I’m not moving that far.” She said, “You can just work from home.”

Now, where I was working was a 130-mile round-trip commute. I got laid off and ended up with a commute that was from my bedroom to my den. Kept doing it for over 4 more years.

7. Livin’ Large

I was late to catch a flight and hadn’t checked in. Discovered when I reached the airport that I actually came to the wrong airport. Had to travel about 30 minutes to reach the other airport. Went to check in about 20 minutes before my flight. They didn’t have any seats so updated me to business class. Best flight of my life, so far.

8. Oh sh*t

A friend of mine apparently was sneaking out for a trip outside the city with his friends since his parents didn’t let him go. They were on motorbikes, already on their way outside of the city when suddenly he got into an accident with another bike. It was his dad he crashed into.

9. Uh-oh.

I once went on a date with a girl. She was nice, but not really my type. I did not call her after the first date.

One month later, I got a new job. The first day I show up at my office, my boss introduces me to the person who will be training me.

Lo and behold, it was this girl. We became friends later so it wasn’t too bad.

10. Bittersweet.

My mom died in a car accident when I was really young, so I was raised by my grandma because my dad wasn’t really in the picture. As it turns out, this guy isn’t my dad like my mom had led everyone to believe. She had told one person the truth and he finally came forward after 20 years. My real dad was another guy who had also died in a car accident on the same road (close to the same location) about 1 year before she did. No one knows why she kept this secret, but DNA testing confirmed it and my family doubled in size that year.

11. Small world.

I used to play a game called Ragnarok Online on private servers. One of these servers was housed somewhere in Europe with a mostly Dutch population playing, but I met one guy named Leo who was a native English speaker. It turned out he lived in the same city as me, maybe 10 miles down the road, and knew some of my friends already. Wow, crazy!

Ten years later when I got married, my wife mentioned a guy off-hand who used to play Ragnarok Online a ton. I ask, and it turns out it was her best friend growing up. Well, that best friend happened to be Leo, this person I met on this far-off private server.

12. Sister sister…

This happened to my friend.

She moved away for university and was randomly matched up as roommates with this other girl.

They got to know each other for a few weeks and ended up adding each other on Facebook.

Turns out they’re half-sisters, they have the same dad. Neither of them knew about each other.

The sad part is, he doesn’t speak to or see my friend but is apparently a good dad to this other girl.

13. Hello…neighbor?

I had been working at a new office for about 4 months, and my boss and I were in a car with another co-worker getting a lift home from an office party thing.

We get to my house and I say goodbye and get out. My boss also gets out, which weirded me out. Then she walks to my next-door neighbor’s house (we share a connected house) and goes inside.

Turns out she was my next-door neighbor. Had been for around 10 years. I honestly had no clue.

14. Well, that escalated quickly

Older friends of parents. Had no kids then suddenly the wife announces she’s pregnant. The husband announces he had a vasectomy in his early 20s, never told anyone, and is filing for divorce …and apparently had the papers to prove it all.

15. Bully’s Address

Someone I know toilet papered a bully’s house with his friends a couple times a year. The weird part was, it was always cleaned up by 8 a.m. Came to find out several years later that he had been toilet papering an elderly couple’s house the whole time. They ended up leaving a huge gift basket as an apology though.