When Julius Caesar was stabbed by a large group of overthrowers, one stab in particular truly bothered him.

Turning to his great friend and confidant, he managed to utter “Et tu, Brute?” just before succumbing to his wounds.

Or at least that’s how Shakespeare decided to tell the story when he wrote about it. “You too, Brutus?” (the English translation of that Latin phrase) has come to be a universal expression of how awful it feels to get betrayed by someone you thought you could trust.

I mean, sure, the rest of the world is gonna hurt you, but when your friends do it? Well, just listen to these anonymous contributions.

10. The cheat

Wow that is a lot to follow.

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9. The broken contract

“She took off with over 2k of my stuff.”

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8. The refusal

Yeah I’d say that’s one of those things there’s really noc omiung back from.

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7. Out on terms

That’s not something that’s your place to do as a friend.

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6. The ditch

Love is understandable, but don’t leave me hangin’.

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5. She was adamant

Funny how quickly things can change, it seems.

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4. Absolutely useless

If you’re looking for an enabler, it ain’t me.
“Then, she decides to date my cousin.”
Weird ending.

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3. The manipulator

Dang son, that’s some Machiavellian crap right there.

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2. Got my back?

Or would you rather stab it?

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1. Am I crazy?

That’s brutal.

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Friends don’t do each other like that, man. They just don’t.

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