It’s not just the stuff of *ahem* adult films, there really are real life instances where for one reason or another, you end up gettin’ it on with somebody’s parent.

But the real world examples play out a little differently.

[serious] People who’ve had sex with their SO/ex/friend’s parent, how the hell did you get to that point? What happened after?
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Let’s see how these wild stories go from the folks of Reddit.

1. Double trouble.

I have slept with two of my Moms friends.

The first one she just asked if I wanted it and it happened.

The second one, I went to her house which was a couple of hours away to do some handy work. Next thing I know we’re drinking and we ended up having sex.

It went on for about six months after that. I’m not allowed to meet her friends anymore, which is okay because I’m happily married now.

– Slow-Shoe-5400

2. A knock out.

My brother’s best friend from highschool dated my Mom in his 30’s.

She had my brother really young, when she was barley 15, so when his friend was in his 30’s, she wasn’t yet 50.

I will always remember the night he found out. They fought, and my brothers friend left the house, and got into his car. My brother followed him out, and punched him in the head though the driver side window.

He managed to go through the window and still connect with enough force to knock him out cold.

– Knytemare44

3. A connection.

I was at a friend’s birthday party. My friend was in her mid 20s, I was 30, her mom was in her early 50s. She and her mom took really good care of me after my father passed. They made sure I was eating and that I actually left the apartment every day, as I was prone to just sit around being a depressed sad sack.

Friend’s mom and I used to get stoned together. So when we were at her daughter’s birthday party at her mom’s house, she called me to her room so we could smoke a joint. She didn’t want to do it in front of everyone, and it definitely wasn’t the first time we’d gotten a little high together. So it was somewhat familiar territory. Maybe it was the weed, or the wine, or both, but as were smoking and chatting, I just leaned in and kissed her. To my surprise, she kissed me back, and we proceeded to make out like a couple of horny teenagers on the love seat in her bedroom. She stopped for a moment, looked at me and said “Well, had I known you were interested we could have done this a long time ago”. We made out a little more, and I told her that we should stop because we’re going to get caught. So we kissed and groped one another a little more, and returned to the party.

The next day she stopped by my apartment to see how I was doing, which wasn’t uncommon. That day was slightly different. She was always a very good looking woman, but that day she had more carefully applied makeup, some nice looking earrings and a blouse that showed off more cleavage than usual. I invited her in and we were off to the races. We both had a great time, but I thought of my friend and said that we probably shouldn’t do this again. She didn’t really respond to it and we continued to cuddle for a while.

The next day she called me and said that she thought she may have lost her earring on my bed or my couch, which I thought was BS, but it turns out that the earring was indeed in between the cushions of my couch. She came over to retrieve it and we went at it again… and again, and again. This went on for months until I finally was moving out of state. It never happened again, we never spoke of it, and my friend never found out.

Sadly, my friend’s mom passed five years ago. I’d thought about telling her but it just seemed like a bad idea

RIP Julie. You were smoking hot and just an all around great woman.

– TheGoatEater

4. The betrayal.

A good friend of mine had this happen to her back in high school. She caught her (also high school aged) boyfriend sexting her 40-something year old mother and it led to her mom and her step dad’s divorce. All while she was 17 years old.

She still has a strained relationship with her mom to this day, we are 25 now so this happened almost 10 years ago. I don’t think you can ever get over that kind of betrayal by your own mother….. I believe she still has a good relationship with her (now ex) step dad though.

Her mom is now dating a man her age, but she will always be a predator in my eyes that seduces her daughter’s boyfriend. So gross.

– analphagocytosis

5. The incident.

When I was 20, I got accepted to university in Canada (I’m a French guy) and my mum put together a BBQ to celebrate it with my best friends, among which was my actual best friend (girl my age), who lived far so she would stay the night.

My mum and dad were already getting divorced and sleeping in separate rooms back then, so there was no doubt they will ever get back to normalcy in terms of their relationship.

After most people left (and I was drunking my way around talking about Canada with another friend), my (now former) best friend and my dad made sure my mum went to bed and carried on drinking together.

All I remember after is me trying to figure out where the hell my friend was in the morning as the guest room was empty. It took so much fighting denial to realize she had been sleeping with my dad all night… Mum was destroyed, so was I, they both denied it and said they « just talked ».

I still cannot believe this happened but with retrospective my dad has been such a crap dad to his kids and wife and that friend has not been nice to me either.

– Dodopilot_17

6. Hindsight.

This reminds me of the mom of my cousins wife.

When her kids were younger they used to bring home kids from school that had it really rough in their life. She would talk with them and help them, but one thing that was interesting she mentioned was that she was glad to have parrots around who would initiate physical contact with them.

She said she knew these youngsters needed physical contact since some of them had been feeling lonely or mistreated for a while, but she said she couldn’t be the one giving it to them.

Now reading these comments, I understand what she meant by that.

– charlyhyacinth

7. Too high.

I slept with my friend’s mother at a music Fest was very high on acid. We were all hanging out, me, my two friends who were dating we’ll call them David and Claire, and Claire’s mother. Claire doesn’t feel too hot, so David takes her back to the campsite and me and her mother are just left to the festival.

We get some drinks in, do some dancing, one thing leads to another…and yeah. Afterwards we just sort of chilled in my tent for a few hours before hitting the party tent, having a wee cuddle.

Claire actually walked in on us after we had ..finished and I was so high I didn’t even really know what was happening, I just knew that I had done something very wrong. So the festival ends and we all go home and of course the sensible thing to do, would’ve been to try patch things up with Claire and never talk to her mother again.

You will find however, that I am not a sensible man, and proceeded to not only see her again, but date her on and off for 4 years.

I have, so many stories about those four years

– PainIsPleasure

8. A dry spell.

I had sex with one of my best friends mom.

It was Thanksgiving and I was driving her back home and she confessed that she didn’t have sex in years since she was a widow. I told her that I didn’t have sex in months since I was moving. We talked a bit more and we sorta flirted and once we got to her house, she asked me to come inside and we did the deed.

– Marvel089

9. Confessions.

A friend at school’s mum was pretty hot. She was relatively young compared to most of our mums and his Dad was quite a bit older and absolutely minted.

When we were young teenagers it was a bit of a running joke to give him sh*t about his hot mum or how his Dad was her sugar daddy.

Fast forward to the end of sixth form (end of high school for US readers) when we were all 18 and he was having a party at his massive house to celebrate. Most people were outside getting drunk in the garden but I’d had a bad few months (family stuff) so wasn’t really feeling it.

I decided to go and chill inside for a bit and in the kitchen I found his mum just drinking wine and looking forlornly out the window. I asked if she was ok and she pretty much unloaded her issues! She was miserable, she hated his Dad, she’d settled down without having a life first, felt trapped because she couldn’t afford to leave, loved her kids etc.

I opened up about my issues too with my family and it actually felt good to talk to a relative stranger about it. I now realise I should have been seeing a therapist.

Anyway one thing led to another and she started making out with me. I didn’t stop her. She then led me upstairs and the rest is history.

On the one hand, it was pretty awesome, she was smoking hot, I was pretty inexperienced, and she really knew how to communicate in the bedroom. On the other hand though, I knew I was betraying my friend (and f*cking up his parents’ marriage) plus I could hear all my friends laughing and partying outside!

A few months later they got divorced and I understand she got a bit shafted in the deal because she’d cheated on him. I don’t know if that was me or she did it with someone else too.

I am pretty ashamed about it but I also realise she was using me too. I was never under any illusion we had some special connection or anything but I can see she just wanted to f*ck someone out of catharsis or frustration and maybe, subconsciously, to force the problems in the marriage into the daylight so she could finally get out.

– WindowSteak

10. Knowing better.

I had sex with a good friends mom.

Looking back, it’s really messed up. She had been working on me for months. I was only 18. I’m ashamed of it, fortunately the friend never found out.

But as an adult, I now look back at it and realize that I was in over my head and she should have known better.

– mustang-and-a-truck

11. The comeback.

My sister was talking this one kid I didn’t really care for, and ended up working with him at the job I was managing at.

There was a women working in a different area at that same job I ended up having a one night stand with her after we had been flirting a bit here and there.

Come to find out later that was the dudes mom.

My sister would then use this as a comeback and say “Well your mom sucked off my bro.”

Was a weird time several years ago, all kind of moved away after a bit. Nothing much outside of that happened.

– Rickapacolypse

12. Curious samples.

Interesting that the top twenty or so comments are younger male with older female (and one older male).

Is that really that much more common, or is it more that young men like to brag about it while a woman feels shame for hooking up with a dad?

– thentil

13. The jackhammer.

I slept with a childhood friend’s dad while visiting my hometown. Long story short he’s bi and divorced and I was browsing on a gay hookup app (it’s a small countryside town so the only things to do are ketamine, sex or leave), he messages me and he clearly doesn’t recognise me because I don’t look the same as I did a decade ago. I recognise him and the entire time i’m thinking “this is really weird” but i’m bored and he’s relatively handsome and charming (as far as charming goes on Grindr lol) so I figure hey why not.

And hindsight is 20-20 because the sex was fun but the entire time i’m thinking “this is my friend’s dad he has literally driven me to school before”. Just left an overall odd feeling.

My friend doesn’t know and it’s going to stay that way because we don’t really talk whatsoever now and it’d be weird to just pop up like “your dad jackhammered my prostate and it was kinda weird”.

– lillimarleen

14. A fun party.

This kids mom at his graduation party I went to high school with.

His parents were rich and it was well known his mom was decent looking and dressed like she was in high school, but this kid always only had his close friends at his house, until his graduation party.

My close friend had a twin sister & we always partied together and she wound up with an older kid who had already graduated but he was cool and always hung out with us. So he comes to the grad party with us, long story short the older kid was found pants down with the drunk mom bent over the bathroom sink.

The kid who’s party it was, and the dad went NUTS and chaos ensued.

The older kid hit the grad party kid and took off.

I heard that the mom wound up sleeping with another kid we went to school with a couple years later and they got divorced.

I’ll never forget that chaos though. That was a fun party.

– Keithm1112

15. Support groups.

Met this guy at the beginning of college. Dated all through college. Anyways my boyfriend at the time (the son) became super controlling, manipulative and borderline abusive, which all came to a head when his parents years long divorce was finalized.

Dumped the boyfriend, he moved out of state and the dad still lived close by. Stayed in contact with the dad and many other people from his family. Eventually the dad asked how my dating life was an I took it as an opportunity to complain about how I was having a hard time finding people who I had sexual chemistry with. Turned into a conversation about kinks and eventually (over a few months) the tension just kept building.

To be blunt. We were both horny, lonely and knew the other person was into the same things so we started a fwb type relationship. Helped that the dad was young and aged wonderfully.

Eventually it ended, on good terms. We both met other people. We both pushed the other to date other people. Find something long term and more fulfilling than cheap sex.

From what I know no one knows, I never told and he didn’t either. We were just lonely, needed some sex and wasn’t about to have casual sex with randoms. Might as well be someone you know that will be happy for you once you find the right relationship. Ya it was slutty of me and maybe I’ll regret it in the future but at the time it was amazing sex with a good looking person I trusted.

And and FYI the dad never hit on me while I dated the son. To my knowledge anyways.

– throwaway5419475

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