“The incident.” There’s one story from every school that students remember forever. Mine was that a kid got stabbed during a fight in the hallway when I was a Freshman. Pretty scary for a 14-year-old!

AskReddit users shared “the incident” from their school days.

How does your match up?

1. An interesting day

“In middle school, some kids put laxative chocolates in donuts and handed them out. The school went on lockdown. The police came. Kids were crying. Kids were p*oping. Kids were looking for some donuts to get out of class.

Fortunately, I did not fall victim.

Although, while the school was on lockdown, I was in my science class disecting owl p*op for four hours.

I bet if we were in high school, the kids would have gotten stricter punishments, because, legally, it could be poison. It was an interesting day.”

2. Okay, that’s pretty intense

“This one kid was constantly bullied by a group of rednecks. One day when he was at McDonald’s they showed up and started taunting him and berating him and so he left and went to the tractor supply store next door.

So he’s walking around and they followed him and started taunting him again and just being d%cks. Next thing you know the bullied kid picks up an axe from the aisle and hits the leader of the bullies in the face. Everyone called it the ‘axe-cident’.”

3. Gunman

“In elementary we had 3 students that had to go out and empty the compost in the afternoon. One day my 2 friends and I were disposing of the compost outside and we seen a guy carrying a shotgun (which happened to be loaded, we didn’t know) literally down the road beside the school.

My friends and I thought he was probably just going duck hunting so we went over and talked to him, he was a pretty chill guy. When we went inside the school everybody was hiding underneath the desks and the school was in lockdown due to a armed-man walking around the school with intent to kill, I was scared sh^tless at the thought of such a man not realizing I had just had a 5 minute convo with him about hunting.

The next day we all found out that the armed man broke into a house down the road and shot somebody.”

4. Holy cow

“The high school cop was fired for molesting a ten year old girl. He then murdered his wife, and fled. He’s on Marshalls top 15 most wanted list now. His mom thinks he’s dead. His name was Dan Hyers.”

5. Legend

“Former South African SAS now high school tech teacher ripped his shirt off and confronted a gang member that had come onto school grounds with a knife to ‘take out’ a student with connections to a rival gang.

Tech teacher wraps his torn shirt around his hand and grabs the knife while punching the gang member in the head with the other hand, knocking him out cold. All at lunchtime with half the school watching.

Absolute. F*cking. Legend.”

6. Sexy time

“Seniors at our high-school had a lounge, real nice place, it was at a back area near the auditorium.

They found a couple having s^x there, and so they did the reasonable thing to do and moved the lounge’s location to right next to the front office.

Then they found people smoking weed in there so they removed the walls to the lounge and added glass walls instead.”

7. Ugh!

“8th grade. 2 girls attempted to get drunk on lamp oil. It’s like lighter fluid for old timey lamps. They ended up in the ER for a few days. Luckily they got sick quickly and a teacher found them puking in the bathroom because someone who is not an idiot told on them.”

8. That’s nice…and kind of shocking

“At a private Christian school a girl in 12th grade got pregnant. According to the official rules, she was supposed to be expelled to protect the school’s ‘image’.

Instead all the teachers and principals got together and decided that that’s not what Jesus would do, and that the rule was idiotic. They didn’t expel her and gave her all the support she needed during the pregnancy and after.”

9. Quite a discovery

“When I was in high school we had an “outdoor discovery” class that was basically just a giant ropes course. The teacher for that class was a nice middle aged man. One day he decided to take a shower in the locker room between periods and had a stroke. Now I don’t know what about this stroke was different but it made him decide he needed to go for a jog……around the high school….. and middle school…… naked as the day he was born.

So hes b*tt naked, sprinting past classroom windows in just his socks and sneakers, which he somehow thought to put on, when a sub goes outside to see whats going on when the outdoor teacher runs over and basically starts playing a game of “catch me if you can” until the ambulance arrives. It was a very odd day. But he was back to work a couple weeks later, making kids swing from ropes and climb over logs like normal.

Edit: Just saw I got a bunch of replies. To clarify: No he was not a druggie and didn’t go on a bender. He was an older man, outdoorsman, healthy and didn’t give off any kind of drug vibe.

It is possible, as some have pointed out, that he had an underlying condition that somehow got triggered and lead to this. He was a nice guy even after this happened, probably a little embarrassed about everyone seeing his birthday suit, but he carried on.”

10. Followed him through the years

“A kid took a picture (Polaroid) of his junk and put it in the mens room (god knows why) in 6th grade. Anyway, they somehow figured out it was him and this followed him all the way through high school.”

11. Insanity

“My freshmen year of college our Dean of admissions was arrested for forcing chinese foreign students to do manual labor at her house under threat of revoking their student status. While awaiting trial (for slavery), she tried to burn her house down for the insurance money. When that didn’t work, she killed herself.”

12. Wrestling fail

“There was also the time were a kid died in the “courtyard” after practicing wrestling moves, falling and hitting his head on the bench. As someone who saw him fall, be resuscitated by a teacher, and then die, it was pretty traumatic. That was probably the main incident until a couple of years later when another kid died after getting hit by a car after school.”

13. Smooth move

“A girl tried selling weed to the school cop.

She’s the type of person who would smoke hand soap because it had the word hemp in it.”

14. Bathroom Bandits

“Someone stole a urinal from one of the boys’ bathrooms in high school. All year the principal went on about how if we knew anything we should come forward because “we must stop the Bathroom Bandits!”

Of course no one came forward because once the Bathroom Bandits had a name they became legend. I never did find out who they were, but someone found the urinal three years later, hidden under some stairs behind the auditorium, a good distance from the bathroom it was taken from.”

15. Birthday: Ruined

“Someone set off a pepper spray bomb in the hallway after lunch.

We were evacuated to the building next door and only directly related family members were allowed to pick us up. My neighbor drove my sister and I to school… so we were stuck there for like 3 hours.

Also that was on my birthday.”