It’s tough out there for the Karens of the world right now. Ever since those “I need to speak to your manager” memes took over the world, there’s a lot of anti-Karen stuff out there.

But, as I’m sure you know, there are plenty of good people out there named Karen (maybe?) and these stories from AskReddit users prove it.

Let’s take a look.

1. Now that’s a nice Karen!

“Just yesterday. Got a bunch of messages offering half of what I was asking for for my Nintendo Switch (WITH BOTW and a BOTW controller) Karen didn’t even make an offer. Just paid in full. She even dug quarters out to make sure it was the full amount.

She was super nice and seemed really excited to get it.”

2. This person likes all Karens.

“Karen in elementary school stuck up for me when some kids were teasing me, Karen my friend’s mom was lovely, always patient, and made amazing sandwiches. Karen at work is super nice and even though she works in HR is known for helping everyone work things out for their benefit not just the company’s (thanks for the FMLA tip, literally saved me thousands of dollars!).

I actually can’t think of a Karen I know who isn’t a nice person.”


“My aunt’s name is Karen. Growing up, she enrolled me in and paid for several different art classes. She always encourages me to be creative and express myself. The family joke is that she is my “real” mum. She’s a big part of the reason I have a BFA degree, and we both still make art of all kinds to this day.”

4. Karen came waltzing in.

“I knew a Karen in middle, homeroom. She was cool. One time the teacher told her she couldn’t have soda unless she had soda for everyone, so the next day Karen comes waltzing in with her friends and everyone’s carrying 12-packs. Soda for days. Teacher was dumbfounded and much soda was had that day. Thanks Karen!”

5. Thank you, Karen.

“I ordered food from Uber eats out of desperation on Christmas Eve because I’d forgotten to go grocery shopping. Karen really came through with my sushi, thanks Karen.”

6. Grandma Karen.

“My grandma is named Karen – obsessed with puzzles and word games and owls and once let my brother video tape her saying “sh^t” (or “fuck” idr) because he thought it was hilarious to see her, a clean, non-sweary person use vulgar language.”

7. Changed my life…

“My best friend’s mom is Karen, she let me and my 3 month old stay at her house and use her car when I flew into town when my brother was in the ICU. She changed my life through that experience and I consider her a second mom now. She helped me through two funerals and never forget my kids birthdays or misses a chance to see us. She knitted them homemade stockings for Christmas and it’s by far the most amazing and selfless woman I know.”

8. That’s awesome!

“70 year old co-worker. She adored me. At 73 she retired, told me to come down with her on her last day. Her husband pulled up in a new mustang convertible. She said I’ve waited over 40 years for this. They drive all over America and find weird festivals and landmarks and updates everything on Facebook.

Recently she ate chocolate dipped bison meatloaf on a stick because f*ck it, she’s living her best life after years of corporate servitude. She’s honestly one of my best friends. I’m only 37.”

9. She was delightful.

“I had a really painful experience with returning something at Target once not too long ago with an incompetent teen at customer service, and I’m totally not that guy but I had no choice because this dude was just in his own world and had no idea how to work the computer. I asked politely “look, is there a manager that can do this? It might be easier for us both.” He looked kind of relieved.

Who walks out but a middle aged white lady who literally had the bob cut hair and caked up make up like we have all seen on the memes. Her name tag? It says “Karen.” I think to myself “holy sh^t. The manager IS Karen….who the hell saw this coming?”

She was delightful and had me out in minutes with my refund. Even complemented one of my tattoos and was inquiring about my opinion on her idea for a tattoo. All said and done, Karen the Manager was excellent I totally forgot that Karen’s can also be the ones that hear “can I please speak to the manager.”

10. Kind and selfless.

“My grandma’s name was Karen. She passed away about 6 months ago. She was the most kind and selfless person I’ve ever known.”

11. Love my Karens so much.

“Best friend growing up? Karen. Best friend as an adult? A different Karen. Love my Karens so much that I almost named my daughter Karen, although now I am glad for her sake that I didn’t. But I bless the day my Karens were born and cannot imagine two better women, may their days be long and happy!”

12. In memory of Mom.

“My mom’s name was Karen, and she was one of the best and most caring people ever. She died when I was in college, and I’ve thought about maybe naming a kid after her. But maybe as a middle name, or this meme might be over by the time I have kids. I will be forever grateful that my mom made the odd family name my middle name instead of my first name.”

13. A great person.

“She’s my mother and it’s spelled with an I. She raised myself and my brother by herself and put herself through nursing school at KU, while she was pregnant with a 4.0 and honors. She’s a hospice and home health nurse (but she’s done almost everything else) who if you don’t know takes care of the sick and dying.”

14. From the business point of view.

“I’m a real estate agent. Did my first deal with another agent named Karen…we got on well and I was shocked that people are friendly in the business.”

15. She puts up with me.

“My sister-in-law’s name is Karen. She thinks I’m crazy and she’s ofthe charts introverted, but she puts up with me for my brother’s sake. What a sweetheart.”

16. A new friend.

“An elderly woman named Karen came in to my shop one Saturday night for the first time. She and I struck up a conversation and I gave her some samples to take home to her husband.

Ever since then, for at least the last 8 or 9 months, she comes in weekly on my shifts to talk to me and catch up on life.

She recently moved to Arizona for the colder months and I won’t see her again until July, but she did come by the day she left, and she brought her husband to meet me. He told me that she talks about me all the time and really looks forward to our visits!

I guess I have a new friend now!”

17. A good boss.

“My boss at work is named Karen and she is honestly one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. She keeps two drawers full of chips and candy and cookies and other snacks and just feeds everyone in the office with it.”

See, there are a lot of good Karens out there!

Have you had some good experiences with some Karens lately? Or maybe you are a Karen?

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