Have you ever found yourself in a situation where things just didn’t seem quite right? These people certainly have, and their intuitions turned out to be right.

Read on as their share 15 stories of times when their gut was totally spot on at detecting a creepy situation.

1. Something was off

“My sister was going to visit her friend out of state, so her friend’s friend offered to drive her there. He drove a few hours to get to our house and was noticeably tired when he arrived, so my sister suggested that he just sleep on our couch and they’ll go in the morning.

The entire night, my mom was going in and out of our rooms saying that there was something off about the guy; that she didn’t really like him but couldn’t figure out why. She actually quietly went out the side door and wrote down his license plate at one point.

The next morning, my sister was in the guy’s car for maybe 30 minutes before she felt sick and asked him to just take her home. Which he does, much to my mother’s delight.

>About six months later, my mom was looking at her news feed when she saw a familiar face and called my sister and me over and yelled, ‘I told you something was off about him!’ It turns out that about a year earlier, he murdered his ex-girlfriend and that his friend, who helped him bury her body, finally decided to tell the cops not because he developed a conscience, but because he was mad at him for stealing his toaster.”

2. Thank goodness they didn’t let her go

“A tennis coach at my kid’s club called to ask me if he could take my 10-year-old daughter with the other five players on road trips to play other clubs. I didn’t like it, she was tiny and just 10 years old. He wasn’t even her coach but another coach at the club. We thought he was creepy and to call like that…so I said no.

The coach ended up going to prison for being a creep and violating several girls older than my kid. His son was also 10, and the poor kid was also a victim of the scum bag. He got 15 years in 2009, and will probably be out soon.

He was convicted of three crimes, but the prosecution dropped an additional 22.

It still blows my mind.”

3. The new guy

“In college, I worked at a bar and they brought in this new bouncer. From the second I met him, I immediately felt like there was something seriously wrong with him. His smile and eye contact were too intense. I told a coworker that the guy gave me the creeps and she told me she thought he was ‘cute and nice,’ and didn’t get where I was coming from.

A quick Google search pulled up his mug shot and articles about how he was watching his college roommate’s dog one weekend and horribly attacked and abused it.

He burned this poor dog and poured bleach on her. The dog survived and he was arrested. The article talked about how he was laughing at the police arresting him, saying he knew he wouldn’t get in any trouble.

He was fired and told to never come back once management found out.”

4. In on it?

“My mother, who was extremely emotionally and physically abusive, raised four kids by herself. Although she had many siblings and lots of other relatives, no one helped us.

When I was around 12, my mom had a female cousin who started coming around, out of the blue, trying to get my mom to attend church with her. Then, all of a sudden, this same cousin wanted to become my kid sister’s godparent. Okay, whatever.

But I certainly resented the fact that we were all of a sudden being forced to go to church almost every Sunday. I saw it as nothing more than a form of brainwashing.

I always had a sick feeling about her, especially when I had to sit near her in a room. A couple of years later, she started insisting I come along on weekend getaways she would have with my sister at her house. I had absolutely no interest in going.

Not only was I older, but I was thinking, ‘Why do I have to come? She’s not my godmother.’ But, my mom was so weak-minded, psychotic, or just plain evil that she always forced me to go.

When I was around 14 years old, I was still being forced by my own mother to go somewhere that wasn’t necessary, with someone who made me physically sick. I still hadn’t figured out exactly what it was about her that made me so sick.

She was a nurse and had access to certain medications. It turns out that she was medicating me with sedatives when I was at her house, then violating me with her fingers and who knows what else. It really started to bother me how sore and painful I was down below, knowing that I was still pure, or so I thought, and I NEVER felt like that until after I had left her house.

I don’t think she did this to my sister because she was always so fixated on me.

She just used my sister to get to me. It also turns out that pills lose their full effect on you after you’ve been taking them for a while. That is how I found out. I eventually woke up in the middle of being assaulted by her.”

5. Across the street

“I got a bad vibe from the dad across the street when I was a kid. He was a military guy who always seemed to be on a power trip. His oldest son and I went to the same school, and would occasionally carpool.

One day, it was his dad’s turn to drive us. His son stayed home sick, but he offered to drive me all the same.

Thankfully, it wasn’t a long ride, but the entire time he talked about his beat-up Camero. It definitely creeped me out.

A couple of years later, his wife threw him out one morning. It turns out he had been beating the cr*p out of her for a while. One morning, while hitting her again, he stepped on their 1-year-old baby who was crawling on the floor and broke the kid’s arm.

We never saw him again after that.”

6. Just a phase

“A neighborhood kid I grew up with liked to play with matches and was fascinated with fires of any kind. It made me nervous because a sort of ‘wild look’ came over his eyes when he’d stare at the fire he created.

I even told my parents, who mentioned it to his parents, who thought it was ‘just a phase’ he was going through.

Then, a few years later, it was reported that he burned his parents’ garage down and was being charged with arson and clinically treated for pyromania.”

7. New to the area

“I met a random guy when I was out one night. He was new to the area and was friends with my friend’s brother. He came across as nice and friendly, but then he started being a bit strange, like he kept rubbing my back and touching my legs.

We all went back to my friend’s house, and I was pretty wasted, but this guy kept trying to get me to leave with him without anyone seeing.

I told everyone something was weird about him. It turned out he had been charged with violating a 10-year-old, and that’s why he had left his previous city. He also assaulted a 13-year-old a few weeks before he met me, and the police found he was in possession of a lot of child smut.

My friends had no idea about this guy’s past.

He lived near my friend’s brother, and he had him over at his house in the summer when his kids were running around in swimming suits prior to the discovery. He was devastated and full of guilt when he found out.”

8. Controlling

“My mom and I were in a café and she had her handbag down by her feet. This couple comes in and sits at the table behind us, and he attracted my attention because he kept poking his girlfriend and telling her how to sit and stuff.

The hairs on my neck went up, I hate that controlling type of behavior. He was in my periphery and this guy wouldn’t sit still when my mom asked: ‘Hey, where’s my bag?’

She found it a second later, moved and open – she reached in to get her purse and said: ‘My card is missing!’

So the couple behind had stood and were quickly walking towards the door, and I didn’t even hesitate to say: ‘STOP THAT MAN!’ because I figured I could apologize later if I was wrong. One of the waitresses was right by the door and she followed him out the door, at which point, the guy dropped my mom’s card, mumbled something about having found it, and then ran for it.

I guess if he hadn’t been such a j^rkto his girlfriend, I probably wouldn’t have noticed.”

9. A sixth sense

“My parents tell me that when I was around 4 years old, I was the most extroverted kid. I LOVED going out and about with my parents so I could wave hello to every single person I saw. I never met a stranger.

Little old ladies LOVED me. I would let anyone hold me if they wanted. To the point that my parents were alarmed at how I didn’t mind people I had never met before holding me and bouncing me on their lap.

We had some elderly neighbors who were nice as could be.

One day, their 30-something son came to live with them. The old couple had told my parents about him moving in and how excited they were. Well, they came to our house to introduce him to us since we were in the driveway.

Apparently, I got really quiet when they were walking toward me and when the guy spoke to me, I screamed and hid behind my dad’s legs. My parents thought it was out of character so they actively avoided allowing me to be near him in the weeks that followed.

A few months later, he was arrested for child trafficking and possession of hundreds of pictures and videos of child smut.”

10. Watch out

“I worked for a call center a few years ago and there was a guy that sat at the desk across from me. He was about 50 years old and was not married. I’m young enough to be his daughter.

He would do anything to talk to me.

Come by my desk, run into me in the break room, get in the elevator with me, and what not. It was excessive, but never threatening. At least not at first.

He started to say inappropriate things about my outfits, but I figured he was an awkward dude that did not know how to flirt.

I just brushed him off time and time again, but something was definitely off about him.

At one point, the secretary came up to me and asked if he was bothering me, and I told her what had been happening.

He only did this with the blonde women at the office. He was notorious for harassing them. It started small, but then he would slowly transition into asking them to hook up, even offering to pay for it.

Knowing this, I avoided him altogether. I would pretend he was not there, even if he was talking to me directly. I would catch him staring at me, but he backed down a lot after he realized that I wouldn’t give in.

One day, I came into work and he was gone.

His desk was cleared off. Totally empty. He apparently had sent another blonde woman a bunch of flowers and followed her out to the parking lot when she got off work. He had parked his car right next to hers and tried to force her into his car to go home with him, but she got away.

He was fired and escorted off the property THE NEXT DAY by police.

I’m not sure why he decided to come back, or why he wasn’t arrested sooner, but he was caught at work and removed.”

11. Knives

“When I used to work at a deli, we hired a 20-something kid that looked like the serial killer, Ed Kemper sans the mustache.

At first, he would amuse us by telling us stories about how he had fought off eight guys carrying weapons, or how his girlfriend was a model who traveled all the time (and that is why we never saw her).

Then things started getting bad, especially when someone angered him. I would catch him talking to himself, saying things like, ‘If I see her again, I am going to stick this in both her eyes.’

Management caught wind of this and canned him almost immediately.

Ten months later, we found out he actually went to prison for attempting to assault someone with a knife.”

12. The stepdad

“I always had a weird feeling about my stepdad.

He always made me uncomfortable and I always felt like he was watching me. He would make comments about my body and wardrobe, causing me to feel insecure and watch what I wore around him.

When I told my mom, she would say things like ‘he’s old-fashioned’ or ‘he’s just looking out for you.’

My mom had gone out of the country to visit family leaving my stepdad, myself and my older brother to take care of the house.

One night, my brother went to a party and I stayed home because I worked early the next morning, but left my bedroom door open so I could hear my brother come home and make sure he made it safe. Instead, my stepdad decided to crawl into my bed and try to assault me.

It was one of the scariest moments of my life.

I pushed him off and ran to the bathroom. I was so fre*ked out I just grabbed my work clothes and went to my car and drove off to a random neighborhood and slept in my car.

My mom found out a year later because I told my older brother, but she’s never talked to me about it.

She’s still with him too. As for me, I am in therapy to deal with my trauma and I feel like I’m getting better.

When I told my brother, we gathered all the money we had been saving up and moved out a month later.

I am blessed to have a brother who loves me and took me out of a bad place. He’s been one of my support systems through all of this.”

13. Jokes

“I used to work at a local restaurant when I was 19 years old. I loved working there, but I ended up quitting because of some j^rkthat was hired. He was in his mid-30s and gave every girl in the restaurant the absolute creepiest vibes.

He was constantly saying inappropriate stuff about his past and was just a j^rkto people in general.

I hated working with him because he creeped me out and was also just mean. I started trading shifts to get away from him.

One day, a night shift manager was fired, and our boss put the creepy guy in a temporary managerial position. I immediately went to our boss and told him I was uncomfortable with the idea and explained how creepy he was.

My boss leveled with me and said that the guy had no actual manager power and was just temporary until he found someone else. He was just there to run shifts. My boss arranged it so my schedule never crossed over with the creep.

One day, a coworker of mine got sick and I was asked to cover her shift.

I got there and the creep was managing. I thought I could deal with one night, but a friend of mine called the store sobbing. She had tried to call my cell around a hundred times but it was in my purse.

She was crying hysterically and told me she had been assaulted and didn’t know what to do or where to go but that she was horrified and too scared to leave.

I told my friend I would be right there and told the manager I had an emergency and would be leaving.

It was a slow night and I wasn’t needed anyway but he fre*ked out and tried to physically stop me, demanding to know my emergency. I tried to sidestep it, but I eventually told him my friend had been assaulted.

He burst out laughing in my face and told me that was hilarious and not an excuse to leave. I told him to get lost and shoved past him. He told me I couldn’t leave and I said watch me. I went outside and burst into tears and called my boss and told him I quit after explaining what happened.

A few months later, I was working at my new job and a former coworker came in and said they had some news for me.

Apparently, two police officers showed up at my old workplace and served papers to the guy. He had been stalking a girl for the last five years and it started when she was 14 years old. He had also assaulted her.”

14. He loved to chat

“There’s an older guy who visits my workplace a lot just to chat with our staff. He never buys anything – he just really loves talking to us. The first time I met him, we wound up chatting for a solid 15 minutes.

It was ALMOST a pleasant experience (I love chatting with friendly customers), but for some reason, he put me on edge. He spent the whole 15 minutes telling me about his life’s adventures – starring in a Smashing Pumpkins tribute band, getting detained at the airport for having a weapon (he said he was in the military and was flying overseas to do some training exercises in America or something and there was a misunderstanding about his paperwork), and he told me about his work as a guidance counselor.

He flowed from one story to the next without any discernible link connecting them but he was charismatic enough to keep the conversation flowing smoothly anyway. I felt lost at sea.

On the surface, he seemed like a well-traveled, genuinely friendly guy.

But he still set off a bunch of alarm bells in my head.

My general rule with chatty people is: ‘Friendly is good unless you are AGGRESSIVELY excited to be talking to me.’ He definitely fell into the aggressive category.

Later I mentioned the guy to a coworker. He said he thought the guy was creepy too.

Apparently, during one of this guy’s visits, he held my coworker hostage and told him (very cheerily) all about the time he got in a bar fight and he murdered a guy with his three buddies.”

15. A new priest

“This is creepy in a different way than most, but I think it’s relevant. Twenty years ago, when I was a practicing Christian, my church got a new priest. He may as well have been God himself the way people fawned over him.

I liked him at first, too. Then, after a few brief conversations, I got this feeling that his entire life was a major power trip, and he was in no way cut out to lead a congregation of actual human beings.

After he made an off-the-cuff remark to me about being divorced (the shock!), I was like, ‘Later dude’ and transferred to another church.

People thought I was nuts, because how could I not adore Father Perfect the way they did?

After a few months, I noticed a trickle of people from my former parish in my new church, and that trickle eventually became more like a flood.

‘Father Perfect’ had formerly been a highly respected surgeon with a God complex, and he was quite used to giving orders and having them carried out without question (as I would imagine is necessary for a surgical suite).

Not the best quality for a man of the cloth.

Eventually, he drove out several deacons, the choir leader, the sexton, and about half the congregation. He put a message on the church answering machine about what types of messages could and couldn’t be left.

He was a total control fre*k who apparently mistook himself for God. He finally left after the parish completely fell apart.”