Dating can be a lot of fun – but it can also be tough to find the right balance of things to do.

A lot of the options are crazy expensive, or just plain unavailable, especially lately. So how do we get creative and thrifty with our romance?

What are cheap and fun date ideas?
byu/RaynbowArcher1975 inAskReddit

Here are some cheap ideas from Reddit!

1. Simple picnic

A simple picnic is actually romantic. More time to talk to one another.

Another one is movie night which is very common but classic.

A walk in the park (or in the woods if you’re already familiar with your date but if it’s a first date or someone you met for the first time then NO.).

– vintageordainty

2. Gardens

Botanic gardens!

Who doesn’t love tropical greenhouses and ponds?

– Chairkatmiao

3. History tour

There is a “downtown” area in my city with old fountains.

We love to find old pictures of different parts of the city and go see what has changed.

– Yeeteth_thy_baby

4. Meteor showers

Go to the country with a six-pack and watch a meteor shower, but you’ll have to wait for the right date.

There’s a great one on August 11th, couple of smaller ones before that.

– Strix780

5. A big list…

Go on a scavenger hunt around a park or downtown.

Watch the stars at night.

Go for a drive to a small town and wonder around.

See if any schools are allowing spectators in for sports or theater productions and support your local high school.

– Hobbit_in_Hufflepuff

6. Open mics

Open mic nights (music, comedy, poetry). Usually free.

You either find something/someone you really like or you have a good conversation about the bad sets after

– amid-the-noise

7. Keep walking

Anything that keeps you walking, I like walking through Museum District or Street carnivals, festivals things like that you get a chance to actually talk with the other person.

You can spend money but the Ambiance is basically free.

– apegrizzly

8. Explore the…wait, what?

Stargazing in the woods, exploring abandoned buildings, checking out your cities most obscure alleys, midnight jogs in the park, sleepovers, surprise rides in windowless vans, hanging out in your basement trying out new lotions.

– CrowWarrior

9. Learn to cook

Go watch a cooking youtube video of a dish you’d like to master. I’m a terrible cook but my gf always says “remember the time we made pasta bolognese and it turned out sooo good?”.

Even when anything comes up that is remotely related to cooking. She comments about that date. Getting drunk somewhere is cool and all but it’s not a memory earned. Learning things with each other brings people together on a different level. You get to accomplish something together and then get to eat your accomplishment. And what’s cheaper than cooking your own meals?

– ripandtear4444

10. Bike together

I’m kinda surprised that no one suggested this one but I think riding bicycles together is great. If both of you have bikes you can ride around an unknown neighborhood, if you don’t, you can rent it in a park or something (at least in here it’s common to rent bikes in parks). It’s always fun bc you two end up sweating as h*ll and getting bright red on your cheeks.

– lunekko

11. Warm up

Filling a thermos with hot chocolate and baileys, and taking a walk through a park in Winter.

Sit by a pond or lake for extra points

– dark-wyld

12. Random prices

Pick a random number, let’s say 12.

One pays that amount to the other, the other one must cook a full dinner with that amount of cash, no more no less.

– bxfbxf

13. Tourist traps

Walk around a tourist trap with made up accents speaking a fake language and try to ask strangers for directions.

– College*ssDiscoDorm

14. See the turtles

For my third date with my now partner of 5 years I took her for a walk to the local wildlife park.

I didn’t take her inside but we could see tortoises or possibly tortoise-shaped rocks from the road.

– Geffen111

15. Just looking

Go around putting googly eyes on statues

– bobbelchermustache

Ok so some of those are more helpful than others but still, it gets the mind going!

Do you have other cheap date ideas?

Tell us in the comments.