We love to think of our special sexy bedroom time as a highlight of life. Where we get to let loose with our passions and feel sexy and powerful and alive and (depending on the context) maybe wildly in love as well.

But of course, we know that not all that glitters is gold. And we know that it’s far too easy not to even glitter at all when it comes to getting down in the bedroom.

Check out these amazing bedroom fails, maybe you won’t feel quite so bad about your own.

10. Reverse Cowgirl

That’s the kind of injury that’ll end a promising young career far too soon.

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9. The Shower

That’s just too many elements at once. Less is more. Scale it back.

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8. Foursome

To be fair I think most guys would be pretty friggin’ intimidated by that situation.

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7. Try and Ride

Um. Yes, I uh…I too have this problem. Totally. All the time. Frequently.

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6. Face Sit

When you’re not sure what to do so you just kind of start to flail a little and see what happens.

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5. Choking Hazards

Yeah the exact amount of pressure applied is a pretty important variable there.

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4. Standing Up

We really weren’t meant to do it this way, it truly doesn’t work.

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3. Pop Rocks

How does that idea even enter your mind?

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2. Flavortown

I feel like maybe there’s a vital piece missing from this account.

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1. Knee Jerk Reactions

Think before you move, son.

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Boy. Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Have you had a bedroom fail?

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