There are two types of people in this world; those who are still in school, and those who literally wake up in a pool of sweat from nightmares about being back in school.

Sure, it’s worth it, maybe, hopefully, and education in general is very important, but man is it a tough ride. Whether you went all the way to a doctorate or excited academia at high school, you’ve encountered at least a handful of bad teachers who seem like they were put here to make your life more annoying.

One man on Twitter (accidentally?) started a rather epic thread of these experiences when he shared his story about being punished for perfection.

Responses started rolling in by the thousands.

Here are some of the best examples!

12. I am been

That’s the will-can-do attitude.

11. Throwing shade

We tossed all our u’s in the ocean during the Boston Tea Party.

10. Not persuaded

Dude, just give me the bad grade and let it go.

9. Stolen valor

This guy sounds like a real treat.

8. Throw the book at him

Why even have assigned reading then?

7. Life sentence

Hey, me too!

6. Search and destroy

Anybody who starts yelling has already lost the battle.

5. Scantron scramble

I have read this four times and still barely understand it. I’m guessing nobody aced this test.

4. Synonyms are hard

Do you literally only know one word?

3. Suck up

Know your roots.

2. Cooking up plans

When ego is more important than truth.

1. The 7 deadly sins

Guess you can’t count on her.

It sure is good to be out of that world. To anyone still making their way through it, godspeed, and watch how you write your 7’s.

What’s your crazy teacher story?

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