Here’s a hypothetical question: if you were tasked to run an “inconvenience store”, what kind of things would you sell?

Yes, it’s a totally absurd question, but it’s also a lot of fun!

Here are the clever answers from AskReddit users.

1. That’s pretty annoying.

“Erasers that smear.”

2. Try reaching that one!

“Back pain medication is on the bottle shelf and shoved all the way in the back.”

3. VERY inconvenient.

“I’m a regular convenience store but I can only do 1 item per transaction. The process must be restarted for every item and you must pay individually for the items.”

4. A total cr*pshoot.

“Any clear liquid you could possibly ever need… Water, rum, vinegar, brake cleaner, you name it. All on the same shelf, all in identical plastic bottles, all unlabeled. You open it, you buy it.”

5. Now you’re in trouble.

“We have everything, just not the brand your spouse was expecting.”

6. Oh, great…

“It’s not what I sell, its when I am open (Tuesday to Friday from 9am to 10.30am).”

7. Infuriating.

“Earbuds but they’re at the stage where they only work at a certain angle.”

8. All the good stuff.

“Opened bags of snacks. Last week’s newspapers. Expired condoms.”

9. You’re really gambling at this store.

“Food that is always 1 day away from expiring. Also there will literally be no price tags anywhere so you have no idea what you are going to pay.”

10. Noooooooooo.

“Hotdogs in 12 packs and buns in 10 packs.”

11. Good luck with that.

“Earrings with no backs to them.”

12. I’ll take 150, please.

“Individually packed m&ms.”

13. Can you spare a square?

“Single sheets of toilet paper- limit one per transaction.”

14. Dancing with the devil.

“Mints and laxatives that look exactly the same.”

15. This person is not messing around.

“Pens with chewed ends.

Pencils with erasers rubbed to the nub.

Scissors where the center scree that holds the two pieces together is slightly loose.

A mini stapler, and individual packs of staples that are too big to fit into the stapler tray so you have to preak them in half.

Those erasers that leave a black streak on your paper.

Notebook paper that’s actually just blank paper eith free-handed drawn lines.

Notebooks with the metal spiral already spiralled halfway out.

Binders where you have to open each hoop individually.

Kiwi flavored jello.”

Okay, that was quite a ride!

What would you sell if you ran this store? Let us know in the comments!