To misquote William Shakespeare, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some get stuck being great at some random thing they don’t wanna do, bruh.”

A recent AskReddit thread probed people for their stories on things they were really good at, but hated doing. Everybody’s got at least one, and they can be pretty interesting.

10. When ending jobs is your job

Firing people.

I’ve had to terminate people in multiple jobs (usually when I’m the new person brought in to turn things around).

The last time I had to tell someone, the HR VP who was in the room as well told me “wow you are really good at this. We should have you do a video training on how to let people go”.

9. Put on your smiley voice

Customer Service.

I’m a great listener, really good with empathy vs sympathy and all that, but I hate people.

Not all people, you get the good ones sometimes. But I generally hate dealing with customers.

My resume is full of it though and it becomes hard to ever get out of it. I’d rather work alone.

8. Work doesn’t take any time, right?

Cake decorating.

I really do enjoy it for the most part but people just expect me to make them, for nothing.

Few people are like oh.. We’ll pay for ingredients. Cheers, but what you’ve asked for will take me at least two days and ive barely met you.. random friend of Family member.

7. Which one is the Any Key?

Fixing computers.

Sad part is I do this for a living.

I love everything about computers, networking, etc. But when I get a phone call from an inept user who makes triple my salary, or an older relative calls for “computer help”, the eye rolls ensue and the thoughts of hanging up kick in.

6. If you only knew, Janet.

Public Speaking.

I always get told how calm and collected I am, that I am clear and good at making it interesting, easy-going and interactive.

Inside I am screaming, feel like I am going to puke, panicked, absolutely sure I have a giant stain on my shirt or booger hanging out, adrenaline rushing that makes me feel like I am going to collapse the second I am off stage. I hate hate hate it!

So I get selected almost every time because, “You’re so good at it, I would be a total mess up there, I don’t know you do it!”

Me either Janet, me either.

5. Weirdly specific talent but ok

Cleaning shrimps.

My wife likes them but hates cleaning them after they done. So she asks me to it every time.

I am god and magician at that (at least I think I am), cuz I can clean a bowl of shrimps in like a minute or 2.

But I f***ing hate to clean them

4. Sometimes it’s about the connection

When I was in middle school I hated baseball, but for some reason I was really good at it so I played to get my grandfather to be proud and pay for flight school after I finished high school.

He told me he would, but never did. Unfortunate, but it’s life.

I hate baseball even more now, and I wanna vomit anytime I see it on TV.

3. Ok but tell us what you really think

Fake laughing at people’s really sh*tty jokes and making them feel like they’re actually funny

I not only don’t like forcing my face and voice to do this, but I hate when people are dumb enough to assume I think they’re welcome to continue wasting my time with their repetitive ass one liners.

2. There’s no way Martha does her own cleaning

I’ve been a happy housewife for decades.

Martha Stewart’s got nothing on me.

I hate dusting. It’s an exercise in futility.

1. Keeping it simple


What are you great at but don’t like doing?

Let us know in the comments.