In case your significant other ever comes across one of the multiple AskReddit threads asking some version of the question, “What made you realize that you’d marry your current wife/husband?” you should start rehearsing your own answer right away. You’ve got some stiff competition, because the people who contributed their anecdotes had some seriously thoughtful, touching answers, and you really don’t want to get upstaged by a Reddit user named p*opsieDoodles.

Here are 10 of the best responses from people who could recall the exact moment they knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with someone.

1. He cleaned her fridge (not a euphemism).

2. If you mess up this badly on your first date and she still likes you…

Photo Credit: Reddit, deviantsource

3. The way a man or woman treats a fervent Big Foot believer says everything about how they’ll treat you, apparently.

4. One of those actually touching moments you were warned about in the headline.

5. She’s the holy grail.

6. Gross. Nice, but gross.

7. The truest love.

Photo Credit: Reddit, Pikmin64

8. Love begins with Google.

Photo Credit: Reddit, orange_cuse

9. Bae’s from the bay.

Photo Credit: Reddit, Orbiter9

10. The modern day frog prince.

Photo Credit: Reddit, daisypushers

Awwww, so lovely!