I’m probably not telling you anything you don’t know, but there are a ton of sick and strange people out there and there is also a TON of weird and disturbing things online. I’ve never explored these things personally because it’s not my thing, but people are…strange.

AskReddit users shared the things they think you should never, ever search for on Google…you’ve been warned.

No, seriously… we didn’t Google ANY of these. So we don’t have any idea what they are.

You’ve been warned… again.

1. Sounds horrible, whatever it is…

“Blowfly girl.

Just don’t do it.”

2. Ugh. Nope.

“There’s a video from a family’s dashcam as they’re driving down the highway.

A brick falls off a truck or something and goes through their windshield and hits the wife in the passenger seat. You can’t see anything cause the gore is all behind the camera, but you can hear the husband’s reaction when he realizes that she’s dead.

The screams are haunting.”

3. Weird…

“Bobby Yeah.

It’s the only online video I ever came across that not only unsettled me deeply but made me feel like vomiting for a very long time after. It’s some bizarre claymation video that could be passed off as art about a somewhat Tim Burton-sequel character’s misadventures. It quickly unravels into something disturbing and disgusting with the visceral, surreal feeling of 80s campy fx, but with clay.

It was so gross. I didn’t even finish it. I saw it maybe 6 years ago but if it crosses my mind I still wish I hadn’t seen it. Not sure if it’s a personal thing, but that one sat very badly with me.”

4. You people are odd…

“Vacuum sealed pr0n.”

5. Go see a doctor instead.

“Their symptoms.

The internet will always tell you that you’re dying.”

6. Never heard of this one…

“Woodskin Disease/Tree people, not gonna google to get proper name for it.”

7. Absolutely not.

“2 girls one cup.”

8. Okay…


I mean, its not close to a burger.

It’s Wreck it wralph with his pong it schlong.”

9. Hmmmm…


10. Grizzly Man.

“Timothy Treadwell.

He was filming a documentary about grizzly bears with his, wife I think, but there was a woman with him.

Anyway, yeah, they were filming when they were attacked, I think he was attacked first, and you can hear he and she screaming, and then she is attacked, there wasn’t any video, just audio, still crazy.”

11. Chinese crackdown.

“Anything Hong Kong-related while in China, you can be arrested.”

12. It can’t be that bad, can it?

“Anyone see the movie Tusk? Don’t.”

13. Yeah, don’t do that.

“When I was a kid I was trying to make homemade smoke bombs.

And of course you can slip down the rabbit hole of making real bombs. I’m glad nothing ever came of it but when I got a bit older I was really worried my family was on a list because of me googling things about bombs.”

14. Sounds terrible.

“I am way late, but White Phosphorus burns, I feel like the first time I saw this something grazed my soul.”

15. Just go see a doctor.

“Disease symptoms.

Literally every time I checked any disease’s symptom all the help it did to me was convince me I had the said disease and made me more concerned.

Doctors exist for a reason.”

Whew… that was a weird ride down the rabbit hole.

And although we hesitate to ask… do you have anything we SHOULDN’T Google?

Let us know… in the comments…. maybe…