The conversation around s^x and gender has become more nuanced and informed. Slowly but surely people are being permitted and encouraged to embrace their own identities, even if those fall outside cultural norms. Which is why it might be a more interesting time than ever to ponder a very simple question:

What is the thing you envy of the opposite sex?
byu/Straifex-yin inAskReddit

Reddit user Straifex-yin posed this to the internet and received thousands of responses.

1. Switching body characteristics with someone would be a tall order.

Their height…..I wanna be tall too

– Litzy-Bitzy

2. Some people had lists.

A couple things as a guy Dude:

– Not expected to make the first move by default. I am very shy.

-Having “me time” seems a lot more fun as a Woman, and I am very jelly.

– times_zero

3. Some were a little more serious.

Not having to worry about your safety around the opposite sex

– okay177

4. This is…quite a contrast.

Not having balls. ball$ are problematic passengers for me.

Also being able to dress lavishly and colorfully without it being considered weird.

– EvilFuzzball

5. Too many expectations.

Not being expected to constantly think, plan, strategize, and carry out all household chores, while being successful in a professional career.

– NoMaturityLevel

6. Not much given.

Being desirable and not being expected to make the first move

– Mooseman06

7. Beauty standards, of course, are all over the place.

They don’t have to wear makeup and have clear skin to be considered good looking

– qeqilia

8. And let’s not forget about simple old fashioned homophobia.

Straight women can call other women attractive and its normal.

But as a straight male, I am automatically called ‘weird’ or ‘gay’ if I say something like ‘Jon Hamm is such a handsome chap’

– Tiberius-the-Cuddler

9. Everyone wants to be listened to.

Def not being in extreme pain every month (and having your pain be taken seriously by medical professionals in general)

– ViciousCersei

10. First moves.

I hate making the first move. Would be nice not to have too

– KesterGW

11. The whole “giving birth” thing.

Not having your body torn up by pregnancy and giving birth.

– Respectmyauthoritaah

12.  Male emotional support?

I may have a di**, but I do have heart as well, however unbelievable and surprising it may sound.

I always appreciate someone showing they actually do care about me, and I always treasure it.

– take_out_bakufu

13. Biological clocks.

Not having to worry about having kids up until a certain age?

Well, I know sperm quality starts to decline also with age, but I think that happens much later in life for men, whereas women are recommended to have kids by age 35, because after that, higher risks of defects can arise.


14. Judgement and assumptions.

I remember leaving a friends house with my year old baby girl and she was not having it. As I carried her to my car she was crying up a storm.

I have never felt more judged or nervous about carrying my own child as I did on that 30 second walk to my car.

My wife and other moms just didn’t understand why I felt nervous!

– waldo_whiskey

15. And one man decided to go ALL OUT with this NSFW post…

Since NSFW: bo*bs

– PainKiller_Relapsed

Whew. Hope there were no children in the room looking over your shoulder when you read that last one. Some intense stuff there.

What would be your answer to this question?

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