Mika McKinnon is a scientist. Specifically, a geologist. She’s also a science communicator through her writings and speeches. She’s also a science consultant for the entertainment industry; having advised for such sci-fi franchises as Stargate and Star Trek.

Basically, she’s used to thinking about real science, movies, and how to bridge the gap between the two. And her latest effort at doing so was pretty unexpected, but I’ll admit it did teach me more about geology than I thought I’d learn today.

The question she set out to answer (and apparently frequently gets asked?) was “Is [Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson] igneous, metamorphic, or sedentary?”

In other words, “What kind of rock is The Rock?”

I never thought I’d be so moved and inspired by the story of minerals.

This lady has a gift for metaphor and I’m here for it.

I can watch her talk about pressure all day….

He might have earned his stripes, but he still doesn’t have them.

She follows up her thesis with some footnotes, as all good science should:

Absolutely fascinating!

Oh boy! Equations!

Of course, science is a self-correcting system.

This gal knows her shist!

Then she hits us with a tl;dr

And now… the epilogue…

I leave all of this feeling oddly encouraged, and far more knowledgeable about rock formations, be they cliffs or jungle movies.

I’m also very disappointed to have to give up my dream of one day licking Dwayne Johnson.

If you were a rock, what kind of rock would you be?

Let us know in the comments.