Veganism is a tough life to lead.

It means you can’t eat some of the tastiest foods on earth, but it’s in the name of a greater good that I think we can all admire (whether we are vegan or not). Whether you are just beginning your journey into veganism, or are a seasoned veteran of the meat and dairy-free life, these memes are here to remind you that you’re not alone.

So have yourself a good laugh, and try not to think about all the buffalo wings you’re missing out on.

1. Good hummus is hard to find.

2. I’m more than just a label!

3. Foiled again by that pesky powdered dairy!

4. Must…resist…

5. Hmmm…

6. So beautiful.

7. Well well well…

8. Spoiler alert: YOU CAN’T CHANGE IT.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @scrowder

9. Muahahaha!

10. Checkmate.

11. It’s a lose-lose.

12. Um, where do you think eggs come from?

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