When most of us see a hair in the shower, we likely splash some water on it and hope it goes down the drain or wipe it on the wall to avoid a clog. After all, few sights are grosser than a big, nasty piece of hair in your shower, right?

Well, multimedia artist Lucy Gafford begs to differ. Where we see hair, she sees the next great artistic medium. Some artists use paint, others use clay, but Gafford prefers her own hair to make her creative visions a reality.

It began one morning in 2014 when Gafford wiped some of her hair on the shower wall and couldn’t help but notice that it resembled a squirrel. Four years and countless hairs later, she’s amassed a collection of over 400 pieces of shower art on her Instagram page.

What started as something funny quickly became serious for Lucy, who says that she, “soon becoming obsessed with seeing how complicated [she] could get using hair to create images.” And her creations have certainly grown more complex than simple squirrels. She’s gone on to do some pretty impressive celebrity portraits, along with some original pieces that show off her sense of style.

Scroll down to see some of our favorite from Lucy’s portfolio, and be sure to check out her Instagram page to see the rest of her work!













That’ll make you think twice before washing your hair down the drain, huh?