If Barbecue Becky or Parking Lot Patty got your blood boiling, you’re definitely not going to like the recently-named Sidewalk Susan.

She’s a horrible woman who has gone viral for using a pressure washer to eliminate a little girl’s sidewalk chalk art, because she doesn’t “want to look down at this mess.”

What sort of horrible human being do you have to be to conduct yourself like this during a time where kids and parents are struggling every day to find ways to get outside and combat boredom?


Twitter user @hibzsta uploaded the video with the caption “White women dead ass love bothering people out of boredom,” and honestly, it can be hard to mount an argument to the contrary some days.

On the video you can hear the girl’s mother suggest the that it she doesn’t want to see the mess (or artwork) she can just look away.

In response, Sidewalk Susan snaps “We live here,” and continues erasing what I can only assume took a lot of time and creativity to draw.


Twitter, as you can see, is firmly on the side of the girl, her mother, and the artwork.

Other Susans are trying to clear their name.

What is wrong with people, you guys? Sidewalk Susan needs to get herself a hobby… and by that I mean she needs to f**k straight off.

This is not a rhetorical question – I really want to know what you think…because I have no idea at this point.

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Thanks, fam!