Everyone who spends time on the internet knows one thing for sure – unless you want to spend the day bleaching your eyeball$ and brain, you don’t read the comments.

On anything.

It’s too easy for people sitting behind their keyboards to be a**holes to total strangers, to judge people they’ve never met, or remind you how utterly uneducated far too many of our compatriots are, so it’s best to just avoid the muck altogether.

Of course, there are those gems that you miss along the way if you do.

But that’s where we come in.

15. How did I not notice that?

14. Well, that’s a bit harsh.

13. Seriously, pull yourself together girl.

12. Wowwww I don’t even know what to say about this one.

11. Everybody’s a critic.

10. I mean we were all thinking it.

9. This is a solid argument.

8. Except without Chris Evans’ face.

7. Don’t mess with Moon Pies, man.

6. Someone had to say it, and the funnier the better.

5. I mean, it’s a fair observation.

4. They really look like they’re going to make it.

3. If the tweet fits.

2. It may be wrong to laugh but you know you’re doing it anyway.

1. He’s not dumb enough to take sides.

I’m dying. None of these had to be said, but well…I’m glad they were, anyway.

Have you ever read the comments and not regretted it? Ever laughed your ass off at something inappropriate?

Please share the experience with us if you have! In the comments! Don’t talk at your phone. We won’t hear you.