I spend most to all of my time online staring at memes. I speak in memes. I dream in memes. My wife is a meme.

Since you clicked on this article, I assume you’re the same. It’s ok. There’s no shame here. Have a dose of the good stuff.

11. Let’s get moderate in here

10. Build out, not up

9. We all have layers

8. “I’ll be in my womb.”


6. Don’t start nuthin’, won’t be nuthin’

5. I just need a few years to myself

4. Life is regret

3. Take victories where you can get them

2. Hello, fellow human

1. I call this phenomenon “Rumgret”

What’s your favorite fountain o’memes? What source do you love to go for the freshest lols?

Let me know about ’em in the comments. We want to swim in the waters of their comedy FOREVER!