Retail jobs suck.

Even if you manage to get a good boss, good co-workers, a reasonable wage, and decent hours, there’s still that one unavoidable X factor: the customers. Most of whom are just regular, polite people going about their day. But some of them seem like they were put on this earth specifically to test the limits of how long you can F*ke a smile while they drive you crazy. Especially if their attitude isn’t just annoying, but hateful. Most of us have had to deal with it at some point.

But who will step up and be the hero Gotham needs? Enter “Steve,” the protagonist of a story posted to r/PettyRevenge:

50 lbs. of messy revenge on terrible customers
by inpettyrevenge

Now, this is what Petty Revenge is all about.

This is the kind of spiteful action that, while it doesn’t do anybody too much harm, is still the sort of thing you’d hope would be reserved for somebody who truly deserves it.

Most people were team Steve.

Especially if you know what this really entails.

If only we knew his true name.

Of course, is it really revenge if the target can’t put together the cause and effect?

But not everyone thought this was worthy of celebration.

A discussion ensued on whether bad customers were worth keeping.

There was some unpacking of the phrase “the customer is always right.”

It’s a phrase that we’ve really been using all wrong.

Maybe all our retail woes are the result of a bad slogan.

But one thing’s for sure, we’re all at least *a little* in Steve’s corner.

The Christmas movie one of the users mentioned was Miracle on 34th Street, by the way, just in case that was going to bug you for the rest of the day.

Ever worked retail? How did you deal with awful customers?

Share your woes in the comments below.