You know what I’m in the mood for?


Not just that, but SICK BURNS.

Wonderful insults that make me want to up my game and be a better insulter extraordinaire.

And these posts certainly deliver the goods…

1. That sure is strange…

2. Layin’ down the not-so-dope rhymes.

3. This will cause some debate.

4. Fightin’ words.

Tumblr can be a candidate for both the best and worst website of all time
byu/Scyhh inrareinsults

5. The wrong Stark.

“Everything is a weapon ”
byu/A_M_K12 inrareinsults

6. Pretty brutal.

7. Pokémon in real life.

I choose you
by inrareinsults

8. He’s the one!

Pretty good one
byu/pm_me_about_ur_day2 inrareinsults

9. This is disturbing.

She looks like she’s been charging up a sneeze for 20 years
byu/officiallydeleted inrareinsults

10. I actually did laugh out loud at this one.

About someone’s haircut
byu/Cowtickler inrareinsults

11. It can be very confusing.

That’s a new one
by inrareinsults

12. Well, what did you order?

Like I said before, burned to an absolute crispppppppppp…

But but but… what was your favorite sick burn? Drop your thoughts in the comments you beautiful babies!