In hilarious (if you’re not a Gen Z kid) Twitter news, Taylor Swift fans are confessing they’ve largely not heard of popular 90s band Tool.

Tool has always had a strong, loyal following and, since they’ve just released their first album in over 13 years, it’s not hard to believe they’re most likely going to eclipse Lover, Swift’s latest, on the top Billboard chart.

Swift’s fans are not only upset that she’s only going to get to spent one week reigning the charts, but they’re awfully confused…because they’ve never heard of Tool and can’t understand how this “new” band has dethroned Tay.

Swifties have taken to Twitter to try to rally support for Lover, encouraging fans not to give up and to keep streaming, even though everyone realizes it’s probably all for naught.

The best part (if you’re a millennial or older or just someone with great taste in what can now be considered classic rock) is how they’re directing their outrage at this band “no one has heard of” for daring to release such a successful album.

They’re also (perhaps rightfully) “shook” seeing the lengths on most of Tool’s offerings.

For their part, Tool fans everywhere are pretty much delighted at the reaction – and the return of the band to the airwaves and the charts.

I mean, what fun is logging into Twitter if you can’t giggle at teenagers whipped into a frenzy over one of the great bands of your own youth, right?

Are you a Tool fan? A Swiftie? Neither?

No matter what, these tweets are pretty darn funny, if you ask me!